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    I don't know why, but BIOS is not able to switch to more than one HDD.

    As I said in my previous message, you need to tell it which one hosts the boot sector. It assumes it is the first one by default which is a good behaviour.

    but we, geeks, are not using any defaults, right ? :-D

    I'll be rebooting sometime this weekend. I'll try to grab some screens to show how the bios is set. I've messed around with various boot order combinations. Also, the drive is direct connected to the first SATA port, not via usb.


    In my BIOS, I can switch the USB one but also the 3 connected SATA.

    Let's see how it goes :)

    Glad it's fixed.. sorry, I shouldn't be posting at 0130hrs on very little sleep.. I completely missed that.. :). Had I noticed the one disk had data on it the answer would have been more obvious.

    Glad you got it going.

    Well, I cleared the disks with fdisk, but it was not enough for OMV, I guess.

    USB drives?

    No. As you can see on the screenshot, the show as ATA (Serial ATA, actually).

    If the disks are not totally clean, then they are not listed. So use the 'Wipe' option in the disks page.

    Thanks for the notice. I didn't get at first the purpose of this button. It is now clear :)

    That worked.

    An OMV journey begins :)


    I installed OMV 5.5.22-1 today.

    I have 4 disks:

    500, 250, 250 for data

    32GB for the system

    The 250GB were used disks, so I went to filesystems and cleaned them:

    But when I try to create my mirror, I only see the 500GB disk:

    I rebooted after cleaning the filesystems, but issue is still there.

    I can't see what I did wrong.


    You can put these 3 drives in a btrfs raid1 array which will give you a total storage of 512 GB. There is a recent conversation about this at:

    RE: Any roadblocks I should be aware of prior to trying to partition the drive(s) & setup a btrfs on seperate partition(s) of individual drives?

    This is one way, but reading the thread, all BTRFS stuff has to go through CLI. I'm not afraid, but I would prefer a GUI-compatible solution.

    I'm thinking out loud:
    - Can I use mergerfs on the two 256 then create a RAID1 with this and the 512GB disk ?


    I just installed my leftover system with OMV 5.5.11 on a 32GB stick.

    My initial target was a RAID1 with two 512GB disks. I ended up with 3 SSD : 256 + 256 + 512

    What would be the best way to assemble my disks to reach my goal ?

    Thanks for your help