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    No, i don't have any virtual machines, i only use this server as my plex server and to run some containers.

    Could the disk be the cause of these restarts?

    I did also check all my drives with seatools and all of them pass all tests

    This is the last syslog entries before the restart, is there anything in these log that can cause the restarts?

    On the contrary - simulated sine wave is a MUST for a PSU with active PFC. So, no, that wouldn't be the reason either.

    It is possible that your UPS isn't handling power sags (momentary undervoltage) properly, and thus starving the PSU for just a bit too long. But that's just a stab in the dark.

    I have a qnap nas connected to the same ups, and the qnap never restarted, but the qnap has those external power supplies. I don't know what to do anymore, maybe in the last resort i just do a fresh install and see if it solves the problem.

    It shouldn't, no. I wanted to eliminate power spikes/sags as the possible reason for your random restarts.

    I have no other ideas at this point; maybe someone else does.

    My ups is only 2 months old, it's a simulated sine wave, normally when the power goes down it's just for a few seconds, and doesn't happen very often, i know that simulated sine wave it's not the best option for an active PFC PSU, could that be the reason for this reboots?

    Do you have the flashmemory plugin installed? If you do and if the server is shutting down not gracefully, the logs might not by synced from RAM to filesystem. In that case you may remove the plugin and check the logs again after an unwanted reboot.

    No, i don't have that plugin installed, on the logs before every restart just shows normal things, then shows the boot logs.

    Hi, my OMV5 server recently started to randomly restarting, when it restarts the system starts immediately, sometimes has days without restarting and sometimes restarts twice a day, and when this restarts happens I have to restart manually all my docker containers to work again. I checked the logs before the restart happens and I can't find any error that causes the restart, I already made memory RAM checks, and system stability checks and apparently the hardware it's all good.

    What can I do to solve this issue?

    Hi, I have a Qnap TS-128A 1 bay Nas with a 1TB drive, this drive as the system and my media files in it, I want to remove this drive and use it in my OMV 5 Nas, is it possible to use without reformat it?