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    A few months ago I set up a small OMV server (my first!) here at the house. So far it is working great, and now I would like to upgrade my storage drive, which is currently just a 32 GB memory stick, to a larger 4 TB external USB drive. It seems like this would be a fairly standard server/networking task, but I'm not exactly sure how to proceed. Basically I would like to have everything that is currently on the smaller drive copied over to the larger drive, and then just remove the smaller drive, and still have all other computers devices on the network still access the files as they currently are.

    Can anyone please describe the basics or direct me to some examples/tutorials? Thanks!

    My current system is OMV 5 running on a Raspberry Pi 4B with a 32 GB memory stick as the file storage drive. I am new to server configuration/maintenance and computer networking, but I have learned my way around the OMV web interface.

    Brand new OMV and Plex user here! I have successfully installed Plex to OMV (using Docker and Portainer), but I notice that if I go to the webpage interface for Plex (e.g. that I am able to right-click on movies and so forth and delete them from the NAS. As far as I can tell, anyone connected to my home network would be able to do this. Is there any way to prevent this functionality or at least require a password, etc. before removing files from the NAS? Thanks!

    FYI, my whole setup is OMV5 running on a RPi4B with a WD My Book 4TB External Hard Drive connected for data storage.

    Brand new OMV user here! I see from page 87 of the "Getting Started with Openmediavault 5" guide, that for RPi4 installations the recommended/easiest solution is to change the Docker Storage path to a data drive.

    How exactly do I do that? I see where to specify the path for Docker Storage via the OMV web interface, but what should I enter for the path?


    Note: I am using OMV5 on a Raspberry Pi 4 B with an external USB drive (WD My Book) for data storage.

    With no prior experience as far as setting up computer network drives, I recently installed OMV5 on a RPi4B and have it working fine (hooray!). I have thus far only done simple things with it to test it out, e.g. created a shared folder and was able to read/write to it from various other computers on my home WiFi network via SMB/CIFS.

    What I would like to try next is set up two shared folders as follows:

    • Documents: only I can read/write on this one...for things like banking, taxes, etc.
    • Media: only I can write to this one, but anybody on the home network can read from it, with no password required...for movies, music, family photos, etc.

    After looking in to the various ways to allow/restrict access, I must admit I am confused about users, groups, permissions/privileges, etc. I was considering setting up both folders to be accessible to me via NFS, and then make only the "Media" folder accessible to anyone on the network to read via SMB/CIFS, but I suspect this is not the best approach (and maybe not even good at all).

    It seems like this would be a common type of use for a NAS, so I am wondering can anyone can suggest a good/better way to go about this? Thanks!

    Oh, people in the house will be using Windows computers, Chromebooks, Apple phones/pads, and a Linux/Ubuntu PC.

    Note: I apologize if this is the wrong place within the forum for this question/discussion. I really did look around first and did not just randomly post it here. Thanks!