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    Hi everyone,

    I'm seeking a help here regarding plex server. I already follow a guide like portainer and manage to browse my media folder in plex web. I can choose a folder to add it in my media library. Once done, the scanning icon at the top plex web didn't scan my media folder.

    I use OMV version 5. What is the possibility I messed up and what O need to check and rectify to make it work?

    Hi everybody,

    I successfully setup my OMV for a storage purpose. I would like to know what exactly will wear down flash drive faster. I read about it but only can understand a bit. However, will it wear down my falsh drive if I frequently shutdown and boot my OMV everyday? I will only boot it when I want to use Plex Media Server from my Nvidia Shield. Other than that, i will only use it to transfer a video from windows nettwork.

    My question, is it safe to use OMV like that rather than leave it ON 24/7?


    1. Many users here (most?) have their system running on a 32GIG USB flash drive. Don’t waste a SATA port on your system OS.
    2. you don’t need a separate drive for file data, just make sure is not on the same drive as the OS.

    Hi Agricola,

    Thank you for your respond. I will explore the method to use usb flash drive and I agree to not waste my sata port.

    Ok 1 other question about data file, does it need a separate partition or I can just create it in my storage drive without a need of partition.

    Hi everyone,

    This is my 1st post in this forum and I read what I want to know is similar to the thread. I'm about to setup my first OMV now pending a motherboard to start this project.

    My motherboard will come with 4 Sata port and I plan to use 1 HDD (80 Gb just to install OMV) and other 3 port for my data (all for movies). From what I read and watch in installation video, I must need to create a file data storage volume. It confuse me whether I need 1 HDD to run OMV + file data (2 partition on 1 HDD) or 2 HDD (1 for installation and 1 for file data).

    If I need just a partition to allocate for file data, how much space I should allocate for it? If any guide or explanation on this, kindly let me know.