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    Which error occurs?

    After trying to mount the disk, I could not retreive the external drive in the filesystem drop down menu.

    I think I'll have to copy all the data from that disk somewhere else and wipe that disk and see what happens next. I dont have any other idea...

    .........and it finaly works for me



    That's exactly what I did. When I go to Filesystem I can see my online drive (ext4) then I click on the + sign and click on mount and when I click on the drop down menu nothing appears ....strange !!

    Go to Filesystems, click the + sign and click Mount. Choose your external drive from the drop down and mount it



    I did a fresh install of omv on my raspberrypi 4B on which I had already installed a previous vesion of omv with a disk (ext4) containing data that I want to keep for the new install.

    My question: do I absolutely have to wipe this disk to be able to mount it on the new version of omv :/ =headache ?

    I tried to mount this disk without formatting it and I can't, an error occurs.




    On omv5-docker I have three containers: Jellyfin, nginx proxy manager and portainer.

    I have successfully configured jellyfin to suit my needs with a few users. and I did the port forwarding of the required ports either

    ports 443, 80, and for jellyfin 8096 for http traffic and 8920 for https traffic

    But where I have problems is when I try to connect remotely with my domain name, I cannot

    connect in https. In http it works but I don't have the properly secured https connection with the little padlock image

    I'm new to this type of setup and would like to know what I'm missing to get there

    Thanks for your help


    Thanks for your answer, but even with sudo it doesn't work.

    ls command on folder give me the following:

    pi@raspberrypi:/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-.........../wireguard_folder/config $ ls

    coredns peer1 peer3 peer6 peer9 wg0.conf

    custom-cont-init.d peer10 peer4 peer7 server

    custom-services.d peer2 peer5 peer8 templates

    Now from there how can I retreive and copy the following peer3 config file ?




    Thank you for these precise instructions which allowed me to successfully install Wireguard despite my limited knowledge of the subject. I managed to get the 2 QR codes (peer 1 and 2) for my mobile devices (with command : docker exec -it wireguard / app / show-peer 1 ( ”and 2”) and successfully scan them.

    However, I have a problem with my laptop, I can't find a way to copy the configuration file for peer3 with the following commands:

    cd / srv / dev-disk-by-uuidXXX / wireguard_folder / config / peer3

    cp peer3.conf / home / pi /

    cd / home / pi

    chown 777 peer3.conf

    I get the following error message:” chown: cannot access 'peer3.conf: No such file or directory”

    Is there any other way to locate and copy the peer3 file?

    thank you



    I recently used the win32 diskimager software to make an image of my 16g usb stick on which I had the openmediavault os.

    When I wanted to put the image back on the same 16g usb stick with Etcher, I got the following message: "insufficient space" on the same usb stick

    newly format.

    How can I get around this problem ??

    I understand that I can use a usb stick with a larger capacity, but I am having trouble understanding the reason why and if I have to make new copies in the future,

    will I have to continually increase the capacity of my usb stick ? ....

    thank you



    i just configured omv 5 on a rpi 4 at home. i have configured some smb/cifs shares at home and works just fine from computers on the home network. I'm am doing some remote test from an other network. I can access remotely to my omv gui, but I can not access (error) to my smb/cifs shares like I do on my home network. I'm using Windows 10 to map my folders.

    Any idea of the problem ?