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    Give Photoview a try - i am quite happy with it ;)

    No luck with it. I can not pull the Maria DB version that is in the stack example. I run my on MariaDB in a container, but photo view will not connect to it (It's giving ping warnings). :-( Stuck now. Too bad, as it looks really nice.

    Switch DB image that has to be used and now it runs. :-)

    Smiggel nearly 2 months of testing, which did you end up liking? I almost went to Synology simply for Photostation but came to my senses. I'm about to start testing photo managements apps, and Photo Prism is at the top of the list and I'll test maybe 2 more.

    I stopped using it. I have issues with my raw format files. It does not convert properly or crashes my Pi. So, I am not so happy with it.

    Photostation is still much easier to use en does the conversion of all images better.

    Thanks for the suggestion. :-)

    It depends on where the pi placed to look fancy or not. ;-) I'll have a look at this one too, although I am still thinking about the pibox, because it's so nice small. Even though it's pricy.

    Suggestions are still welcome. :-D

    I am looking for a Raspberry pi case that will hold two sata slots. I have been looking of a while now and seen several cases, but they only have room for one drive.

    I did cam across this kickstarter project:…spberry-pi-storage-server. However, $ 250,- seems a little high for the case, although it's nice and small.

    Has anyone here came across a nice pi case that can hold two drives? having a hard time finding something myself.

    Thank you all for the replies. Good to see that I am not the only person here, who is looking for a solution.

    For now I am testing with photoshow. Will check out the other options too.

    Just curios....hyperbackup can ONLY be read by synology? if this is true, what happens if synology you need to buy another synology to read the hyperbackup?

    Hyperbackup allows you to make a simple rsync connection. It syncs everything over rsync without encryption, etc. It's all readable.

    Is your synology NAS the VPN server?

    If yes, connect OMV server to synology with VPN. Then just create an rsync job from OMV to make the copy of the shared folders. This job must be created with the IP and port of the VPN network. It will be something like You should be able to see your shared folders on that network.

    If I remember correctly, hyperbackup has an option to back up to a remote target (not synology). That would be another option. You would have to set the rsync target in OMV and make the copy from synology. I think the first option is easier to configure.

    My Synology does not have a vpn server installed. It uses a VPN connection from a VPN provider, so that all out going traffic is through VPN. I can not connect from the outside back to my NAS, because my VPN service provider does not allow incoming connections.

    Hyperback does indeed have an option to backup to a remote server. That is what I had setup in my local network. That works just fine. Only, now I have moved my OMV outside my network in a remote location. I can still make a backup to the remote location, but only with an unsecured connection. I would like to be able to use a secure connection. But when I tell Hyperback to use a secure connection over port 22, it keeps telling me dat OMV does not allow a secure connection for rsync.

    So, I am looking for way to make it possible. :-) I just kind find the right instructions for it.

    So basically I want to make a secure connection to my OMV, and then do an RSync.

    I setup Hyperbackup on the Synology NAS to connect via rsync to omv.

    My Synology NAS is already running behind a VPN. I am not sure I can have an connection between my Synology NAS and my OMV. I connect based on IP address right now. But would like to use some kind of DNS. But for now the most important thing is to be able to make a backup from my Synology NAS to my OMV.


    I have read many topics and viewed many YouTube video's, but still can't find a solution for my issue. I have a Synology NAS and I want to backup some folders to my OMV server that is not on the same network. So basically I want to sync it over te internet.

    I installed Hyperbackup on my Synology NAS. I setup RSync, with a task and user on my OMV. When both devices are on the same network, I can perfectly sync from Synology to OMV. That works fine. However, my OMV is no longer on the same network. So, I want to sync over te web using a encrypted channel. I have SSL enabled on OMV, given the user ssl rights too. But for some reason I can not connect to it with my Synology NAS. It keeps saying that it can not make an SSL connection to OMV.

    Does anyone here have a guide on how to set this up?

    Thanks. I have it up and running. I had an issue with my user account before it seems. :-) Got it working all well now. :-)


    I am currently using a Synology NAS for all my media including photo's. The NAS is getting pretty old and I am looking for other options. That is how I got to OMV.

    The last couple of weeks I have been running OMV and really love to play around with it. I've managed to run all software, that I run on my Synology, on OMV now. That is great.

    However, one thing is still holding me back. My photo collection. On the Synology I could use my own folder structure for all my photo's. That is the way I like it. I would like to keep it that way too. So I have been testing several photo library systems for OMV now, but they all seem to create their own data structure. Some even throw all pictures in one folder, which makes a pretty big mess of all the pictures.

    So far I have tested:
    - ownphotos
    - photoshow

    - lychee
    - piwigo

    So, is there any photo software available for OMV that keeps the folder structure in takt, like Photo Station does on the Synology NAS?
    Hopefully you guys have some options for me.