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    What has happened?

    I used the repo and now just updated to 3.4.1 by downloading the den and just installing it.
    I personally find it easier to install nd less likely to have problem natively without docker



    thx for the feedback. As @Blabla die I will remove my ZFS installation and re-intsall the plugin from scratch in the next days. I will let u know if that hepls.


    Since I had to upgrade some stuff on my NAS I decided to go with OMV 4.x testing. The NAS is running just fine only ZFS doesn't mount after a reboot as the shared folders are created before the ZFS mount occurs
    and the ZFS refuses to mount. So each time I reboot the NAS I have to ssh in and delete the shared folders and mount the ZFS - then it is all good.

    This issues has been reported on the bugtracker:

    Both bug reports are marked as "solved" but foe me nothing has changed - so before I re-open the bug I wanted to ask if anyone else is having this issue or if it is just me



    but because OMV4 is still beta, perhaps you need to wait a lot.

    please consider to use OMV 3.0 instead.

    I know :-) but I needed the new vdr version

    I just thought it might have been a zfs issue and not omv related.

    I can deal with it and my usual reboot is only once a year so I will make a system image and then upgrade omv 4 when its released

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    I use OMV 4.0 because I thought it makes more sense to directly jumpt to debian 9.1 insteat of "older" v8.

    So far I am not having any serious issue and I would be fine to just keep it running this way until OMV 4 is stable.

    One thing I noticed however with ZFS is that after a reboot the ZFS array won't mount. When I try to mount it via "zfs mount -a" the error message is "/ZFSPool1 isn't empty" and that is true as it is filled with the folders of my ZFS array but all of them are empty. After I delete the contents via "rm -r *" I can finally mount the ZFS array an all is good.

    Anyone else having this?

    Hi Hoppel!

    I decided to go straight up to OMV 4 since much hasn't changed yet and just use the debian VDR packages.

    After I endlessly tried to change the recording directory I finally figured that the config files had changed. After that everything went smoothly.

    thx for your help!


    I am facing the same issue here because I think it is about time to upgrade my OMV to v3 and Debian 8 VDR is still 2.0.3.

    Does anyone have some expirience what might be the best solution from the following:

    • directly upgrae OMV v3 to v4 and use the Debian VDR packages with the VDR plugin (if the plugin acutally works in OMV v4)
    • use eTobis VDR packages with OMV v3 without the VDR plugin in OMV
    • use a Docker container (anyone want to builde an AiO Docker package? - I am willing to donate 100€

    I am really a bit stuck here and from searching the forum it looks like not so many people here use OMV + VDR.

    best reagrds

    listing the modules shows ZFS, so I guess it is working:

    Ok now the output was as follows:

    It looks to me like the build failed, but the ZFS plugin is there. I uncertain if its safe to plug in the ZFS drives :-) !?