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    Hello forum!

    I must admit that regarding networking I know as much as a pig knows of physics, therefore I turn to you with a simple question. As a little background, I've been using OpenVPN to access my home network and tunnel my smartphone network traffic thru my house when not at home. I've successfully used it during my vacations and it worked perfectly to both protect my network traffic and to gain access to all my stuff on my server from wherever I am.

    After the vacations I returned with a ton of pictures and my grandma (who lives in the other side of the world) would love to see them. I have no interest in uploading 5 Gb of pictures to Google, Facebook, etc. for my grandma to have access to it. Therefore, since the experiment with OpenVPN was successful I thought about a similar solution to grant her with read-only access to the folder where the pictures are. I thought about different options and was looking for pros and cons and would like to know your recommendation:

    1. OpenVPN would be the most straightforward solution, but configuring a VPN is out of the question for my 86-year-old grandma :D

    2. FTP: It seems to me that it is the simplest solution, but AFAIK it is not that safe. I would create a user with restricted read-rights to the folder where the pictures are. That way she can see the pictures via web browser.

    3. You tell me.

    Thanks in advance for the help :thumbup:

    Hi @ngevan2k, did you managed to have a stable version of your FX160 hacked Bios? I would really like to use it in my FX160 (probably I am not the only one), mainly to have a little bit more of ram, take advantage of the 64 bit OS and probably add an Intel 7260. Would you be so kind to provide us with your modded Bios? I am willing to buy you a couple of beers in exchange! :D

    I would bet that the thumb drive is the issue. I ran my OMV for quite some time with an Atom 330 without issues. Surely it wasn't a performance beast, bit was more than enough and required less than 15 W

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    Perhaps the low performance and instability is a side effect of installing in an old thumb drive.

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    You could try installing OMV on the EMMC, swap included. 4 GB are not much, but it should be enough for standard OMV usage. That way you can use the Data with a mechanical drive for data.

    The suggestion of using an external usb3 drive is also valid, but I personally like keeping everything packed within the case, that is, no USB drives hanging on the outside. It is a matter of taste.

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    Interesting solution! I just found this little Thin Clients on Ebay, and was playing with the idea to use one as HTPC. Does it has issues with Full HD video decoding? The integrated Radeon HD 6320 should be enough, but I have my doubts.

    From the hardware side, it should not be an issue for OMV. I will certainly run without issues for your back up tasks. I ran my server on an Optiplex 960 for a while and it was pretty good. The build quality of the computer is superb and they tend to be really quiet. However, if the server is going to be 24/7 and you are concerned about power consumption, I would look somewhere else (that's why I replaced mine). The CPUs used on that generation are actually really power efficient, but the chipsets used in the motherboards aren't.

    Nonetheless, if running costs are not an issue for you, go for it!

    I remember that I managed to find a mobo that could be powered thru the 4 pin power connector only. Those kind of mobos are rather old. Nowadays many (if not all) are powered with the standard 24 pin connector or a DC jack.
    An alternative would be to use a mobo with a DC jack. I am currently using an Intel Desktop Board DQ77KB in my OMV server. It is a hell of a mainboard, somewhat old but still it offers quite a bunch of features and really good quality in a very small package. It can be powered with a regular laptop PSU and it is very power efficient.

    Hello all. How to connect the power supply?I want to put another motherboard, but leave the power supply.Is it possible to?

    It might be possible, given that you find a mini-ITX mobo that can be powered with a 4 pin connector (in order to keep the PSU). However, there are some issues to overcome:

    - You'll have to do some heavy modding to the case. You'll have to cut the back to make place for the backplate/connectors of your new mobo and somehow screw the it to the case, since the screw positions probably won't match. Also, you'll have to find a place to put the HDDs.
    - Assuming that you do find a mobo, you will be kind of limited because of the PSU (the one in the FX160 can't deliver a lot of juice).
    - If you succeed with the 2 previous points, then you will need a really low profile cooler, ideally passive.
    - If you want to use the Power and HDD lights, you'll have to mod that also (all of them are integrated into a small PCB in the front of the FX160.

    If you manage to find a mini-ITX mobo with integrated CPU, passive cooler and 4 pin power connector you might be able to do it. I considered the idea some time ago, but quite honestly, I doubt that it is worth the hassle.

    Hacking the BIOS is rather easy. I just needed to get some stuff before I could proceed. I got a 4315 and also an Intel 6200 which works without modifying anything.

    Let me get that straight. Did you successfully tested an Intel 6200 without modifying the BIOS? Or you did modify it to remove the white list? I am asking because I am planning to re-purpose the FX 160 as a secondary back up machine for my main server. I would love to connect it to my network with gigabit, but that is not possible. Therefore, I need a fast Wifi card to do the job and an Intel 6200 or a 6205 could work quite well.

    @Huberer pretty much explained pretty good. As server, no graphic card is needed. You even can set the RAM used for the integrated graphics to a minimum (32 MB I think). In my case i just boosted the RAM to 4 gigs, an SSD as system drive and that was it.
    I no longer use the 960 as my main server. The power consumption was way too high, so I am in the process of repurposing it. IMMO, using it as a media player is kind of an overkill. You could perhaps go cheaper with a Raspi or a Fire TV if your goal is a media player.

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    Been there, done (almost) that.... Dell computers tend to have those "features". Now that I think about it, I experienced something similar with my Optiplex 960. I never really understood the idea behind disabling sata ports.

    In any case, good to know that you managed to fix it!

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    I would first check the cables of the HDD caddy. I always found them very flimsy. If the HDD is spinning up, I would try with a different Sata Cable because the one that comes with the caddy is really short and prone to break. Second option, check that the HDD is in fact receiving power.

    Awesome to know that the CrystalHD card works, because the Integrated graphics sucks! That would make this PC an amazing HTPC.

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    The 7260AC card can only be used after I finish my BIOS hacking. Since today, I'm already running revision C13 (c for custom)

    Since you have the ability to modify the BIOS, a crazy (but perhaps useful) idea came to mi mind. Most of us do not necessarily need a wireless card in the server since it is usually connected to the network thru gigabit Lan. Therefore, I thought that it would be nice to use the mini PCIe port to install a Sata controller card, or something that allows the computer gain access to more drives. Power is not an issue, since there are plenty of USB ports to get a 5 V line for the drives (2.5'' only). Say, something like this.

    Modifying the case to make room for one or 2 drives more won't be a titanic task. As I said before, BIOS modding is way out of my realm, but perhaps someone with the knowledge (like you) could achieve it. That would be an amazing upgrade for this little PC.

    If you are planning to use 4 HDD you can already discard the BananaPi and the thin client. Both of them have very low consumption, but lack the capabilities to drive more than 2 HDDs.

    The Proliant N54L is a tempting solution. However, I am not sure if you can get one for under 200€ (at least not here in Germany, the cost around 300€). But perhaps you get lucky and manage to catch one.

    I beg to differ that a Desktop has a high power consumption. It would be good to define what is "high" for you. It is possible to get a good quality, good looking used Dell desktop with good specs (something like this) for 200€ or less. Yes, as a Desktop system it might have a higher consumption (lets say 250 - 300 kWh a year, which roughly translates to 70€/year). However, it is possible to cut those running costs to half by sending the server to sleep when you don't need it (unless you need a 24/7 server). But my opinion might be biased, I am keen to re-purpose old/used hardware.

    Finally, if the used desktop option is not that appealing, with 200€ you can for sure build a low power pc which suits your needs. You can get a mobo+CPU combo for under 80€ (something like an Asrock QC5000-ITX for 65€ if you fancy AMD; or a Asrock Q1900-ITX for 73€ if you fancy Intel). Those are really low TDP CPUs (<15 W), and both of them have x4 Sata ports. With the rest of the money, you can easily get the extra stuff (ram, PSU and case mainly). This would be the most cost efficient solution, and by far the one with the lowest power consumption to fit your needs. Bare in mind, however, that those CPUs are no beasts: for basic home server stuff they are optimal, but as soon as you start tinkering with virtualization or audio/video transcoding for Plex you might encounter some issues.

    Just my 2 grains!

    Happy shopping!

    Hi, and my apologies for the late reply. I've had little free time to check the forum.

    Although I am not using the FX160 as my main OMV server any longer, I am kind of curious about the changes that you are trying to do in this little machine:

    1. Installing a AC wireless card would be amazing, and it seems that you are on the right path to mod the bios (respect! I lack the knowledge to do that).

    2. The mSata you want to install could be handy. However, I already made the experience and found that it is possible to install 2 2.5'' drives inside that little case. That means, the extra adapters are not required.

    3. The one thing that puzzles me is the 8 GB ram you want to install. AFAIK, the Atom 330 is a 64-bit capable processor. However, I do not know if the 4 GB limitation is imposed thru the Bios (which means that it might be hackable) or if there is another hardware-related issue that makes it impossible. In any case, since the Atom 330 is far from being a high performance CPU and it lacks virtualization, it is not required to have huge amounts of ram for its use as home server. I used it long time with 2 GB and had no issues. My FX160 has been re-purposed as a Debian PC which I mainly use to program micro controllers. It is running with 4 GB of ram and, although it is not a speed demon, it gets the job done!

    If you mange to modify the Bios to accomplish the changes you are proposing, please share it with us. You'll make a lot of people happy!

    After increasing the system RAM to 4 GB and re-enabling the flash memory plugin, I stopped having random freezes. However, I am not using suspend any more, I am putting the system into hibernation since it saves some extra €€€ compared to suspension. It hast been almost one week without any issues. As @ryecoaaron mentioned, the 2 GB were not enough for the different things being loaded to the RAM.

    Thanks to all for the help!

    The problem with this is that if you fill tmpfs (usually defaults to half of system memory), it wants to write to swap.

    I have the Plex logs and some Samba configuration/logs mounted as tmpfs. Now that I recall, the problem started happening when I enabled these 2. Add to that the tmpfs for the flash memory plugin and the result might be a shortage of ram. Sound logic to me.

    The swap file is actually not a problem, but it seems that with only 2 GB of ram and no swap the system freezes from time to time after waking up from suspension. The problem does not happen if I re-enable the swap and send the server to hibernate instead. If increasing the ram solves the issue, then I would assume that 2 GB were not enough to suspend the system and in some cases that led to a system freeze. I really don't care if the swap is on or not, as you said, if there is enough ram the swap will basically sit there and should do no harm.