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    Is this a new install on the same IP?

    Try either opening the webUI in Incognito/Privacy mode, and see if it works. If it does, it's just a cache.

    Go to the webUI log in (on a regular browser) and Cntrl + Shift + r on most browsers to reload and clear the cache for that site.

    Usualy omv_ip:container_port ... unless you're doing some weird tuff over there. What container?

    Now that I think about it, that actually makes the most sense.

    Look at the number of times we've seen people here add Ubuntu repo's to OMV. It wouldn't surprise me to see people have a "stable" or "unstable" repo enabled for some reason. If I'm not mistaken, this means updates from there would not be pulled from the GUI... so the user would have to manually (and rather intentionally) screw up their system from the command line.

    SSH your server and become root

    apt update

    apt dist-upgrade

    It happens sometimes with a kernel upgrade. I wouldn't recommend that under most circumstances but as long as those are the only two updates it's trying to pull, it won't be a problem.


    I'm having bad luck right now. I'm in the process of building a new server. The first installation worked fine but after setting up Portainer I had to take a break and forgot to write down the username and password for the Portainer. When I wanted to continue now, my omission fell on my feet. Since I hadn't done much yet, I thought I'd reinstall and since V6.0 came out in the meantime, I immediately downloaded and installed the current stable version. Unfortunately, I kept getting server errors with it. So I threw the 6.0 down again and installed V5.6.13 again. But now I can't even get through the registration! If I enter admin as the username and openmediavault as the password, the screen refreshes once and the input fields are empty again. If I intentionally enter a wrong password, an error message appears saying that the username or password is wrong. When entering admin and openmediavault, there is no error message, only the empty input mask for login.

    Can anyone help me please!

    Well, first.. I'd stick with your idea to just go ahead and install 6.0, and try to address the errors. 5.0 is going to be EOL soon. There's little point in doing a new install of it as in a couple weeks you'll be here complaining you can't install stuff/run updates because the repos are closed

    So reinstall 6.. what errors are you getting?

    Probably nobody knows the answer...

    What happened when you tried to reinstall OMV? Did you get an error. That seems to be the only thing you didnt provide output on.

    Shellinabox... I'm curious why you'd use that on the host, when wetty is so easy to install in docker (and with OMV 6, is a plugin). Since this happened there, I'd try removing/purging shellinabox, then running the reinstall openmediavault command, but that's just me... frankly if this went on this long I'd have just reinstalled already

    Generally I'd agree with you - I do use Docker containers for a few other things, but find Emby well-behaved enough to not interfere with other things the host is doing. If that ever changed, I would definitely containerize it.

    On a side note, I have a habit of installing an OS once and never again (even Windows on my PCs). I spend too much time tweaking and customizing things to ever want to do it again from scratch; that's what disk image backups are for, IMHO.

    Obviously sometimes you just "have" to reinstall... but I understand. I'm the type I reinstall every OMV release. I've only upgraded OMV one time. It was either 2-3 or 3-4, I honeslty can't remember. I don't recall it being problematic, but it took a good bit, and I just felt I could do it just as fast and with less headache by just doing a clean install.

    I run Emby directly (no Docker)... it just works, and I've never had to manually set it up for autostart at boot time.

    I guess where I'm coming from, the question is "why bother with Docker, running Emby at host level is so ridiculously easy to run and manage," but maybe I'm missing something. ;)

    I guess that's a matter of opinion. I have a strong preference to insulate my services from the host. I can easily reintall the OS, and have my containers back up exactly where they were before the new installation, in about 5min.

    Not gonna happen w/ a standard host install.

    You forgot to remove ssh too. I do nt thing this user will be loggin in with ssh. And to be really safe you can set his login shell to disabled /bin/false.

    This is probably true for most users.. I use my regular user (don't create a special user just for docker).. so I SSH w/ that user a lot and thus need it in that group. I may rethink this at some point.

    Emby(and frankly Plex, Jellyfin.. almost all the multimedia stuff) is so ridiculously easy to run and manage in docker.. I can't fathom why people do it any other way.. but maybe I'm missing something.

    You can also get them from the webUI now... (users group 100 is default for all users created in the webUI, so that one should always work by default)

    Also, for what it's worth, I'd probably take that "docker" user out of the docker and sudo group. sudo, unless you really intend to use sudo priv's with this user, no need for it. docker.. there's a security issue there where someone of ill intent could delete your root partition if they were so inclined w/o root or sudo privileges just by being in this group.

    I wasn't sure what gid/uid to use, the guidance on just confused me a bit (…derstanding-puid-and-pgid) as it seemed to suggest that docker runs everything as root, but I didn't think the root gid/uid would be correct. Because I don't really understand how docker runs these things I just took the uid/gid of the admin account from my OMV. I've now created a user (docker1) who is in groups user, ssh, sudo and docker. I've also put everything in seperate directories. I've got nextcloud installed and working locally now, just need to get SWAG up and running for remote access.

    Thanks for the quick response, I'm very new to server-related things so guides like yours and community responses are really helpful.

    If you have trouble I'll be in discord for a bit tonight. Link is in my sig.

    Be carfull when moving existing containers. The volume pathes are part of a containers config (see docker inspect <container>).

    If you do not recreate the container it will still point to the old directory. It is better to destroy* all containers before moving the docker root.

    * destroying means docker-compose down

    At least my experience doing this with more recent versions of the docker plugin... Stopping docker, move /var/lib/docker off of root to /some-uuid/docker.. Then go to the docker-plugin and change the path to /some-uuid/docker, and restart docker...

    It will be like nothing happened.

    Hi, I done exactly what you wrote but after reboot I don't have any container running. In OMV UI, in extras, I can see that any portainer container is running.

    Any help? Thanks

    It should still work (I'm gussing you did not create the link properly). Howver, that is extremely old and hasn't really needed to be done that way in some time. Depending on your version of OMV the smarter thing to do would just be to move your docker folder as it says, and then just point the docker plugin at the new location of the folder.


    If you look in the guide forum, there's a more recent instruction on how to deal w/ a full OS drive.