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    Letsencrypt/Swag was probably a bad way to put it... I've not made the switch to swag yet, I'm still running the old linuxserver/letsencrypt container.

    Personally, I think swag is a freaking terrible name for that container/project, not a legitimate name for a project. Not sure who the hell thought of that because everyone will think it means "some wild ass guess", so they need to rethink that IMO... I think leaving Letsencrypt in the subject is appropriate unless (until?) they come to their senses on that ridiculous name.

    I'm not going to agree nor disagree, but I would guess that the issue could be a sub folder within a root folder, having recently moved to V5 I created a share, docker on a drive that had container configs stored under AppData. The docker share is just that, omv-extras docker path points to that but it's not linked/shared to smb.

    Oh I understand that.. I'm just saying I've saw people try to share their containers folder over SMB or NFS before (which to me makes no sense at all)...

    In my own experiences with docker in the past. I've seen docker quite often reset the permissions on the containers folder when the service restarts, and any folder it was under...... so it may not necessarily be the permissions that docker is putting on his containers folder, but docker is putting those same permissions on other folders in the directory... thus causing his problem.

    Like I said, pure speculation.. just figured it was worth mentioning.


    I believe watchtower is updating the other containers. However I only upgraded to OMV 5 today so have yet to confirm if that is going to continue through Portainer.

    The image for plex server I am using is latest. What is the easiest way to update this to bionic?

    If you installed with docker-compose or with a stack compose file.. you can just change your image that you pull (see version tags)

    and then redeploy the stack or docker-compose file.

    If you didn't use docker-compose or stacks...

    I *THINK*...

    Go to Portainer, click on the container in question, and click Duplicate/Edit in the upper right

    On the first page you'll see "image".. try renaming appending that from :latest to :bionic

    Then scroll down and click deploy container. Once it restarts, see if it is running the Bionic image on the containers list.

    Wait a sec... I just noticed something.

    Appdata/docker.... I'm just speculating here, but..

    I'm assuming Appdata/docker is where you store your actual docker containers, right? (the path you put in under omv-extras for where the containers are stored).

    Is there anything else under Appdata?... say Appdata/config or Appdata/media something like that? Something I've found in the past w/ the containers folder, is docker tends to lock it down pretty hard, and when you restart docker, it pretty much will set it's own permissions on that folder. It's not really a folder that needs to be shared over SMB or NFS, etc..

    Since only the Plex Admin user can delete media, disabling this setting is pointless if others have admin access - they can just reenable it at will. The correct way to solve this problem is to create unprivileged Plex users who have no access at all to the Plex settings section and no ability to delete anything.

    I agree w/ this.... My guess is, the OP is worried bout "him" watching something and leaving himself logged in, and of course he has the ability to delete. You could take it a step further and say the admin movie should only be logged in when adjusting system settings, not watching movies (which should only be done by users)

    Although the dupe entries, they would be removed if you just did a rescan of your media wouldn't they, same if you add media (which I'm assuming he would probably just do via SMB). I know Kodi and Plex are very different, but when I had a roommate for a bit about 7yrs ago, I just created a user for Kodi on OMV, gave that user read only privileges on all shares, and then used it to log into my SMB shares on Kodi. The user could still scan the share, get metadata, etc... just couldn't delete media. If I deleted a movie (over nfs/smb or via command line),.. then I'd just do a rescan and then clean the database, and it would be removed.

    Unless the thread title has changed recently.. it seems entirely appropriate. Nextcloud with Letsencrypt using OMV and docker-compose.

    they still load as fresh installs,

    Not sure if this makes a difference, Portainer still sees all the containers, volumes and networks and the networks still show all the correct containers (this is the same with restarting the system or restarting docker through ssh)

    If Portainer is seeing the containers, then this is almost certainly a permission issue.

    This is one reason I do not enable the delete trigger on my automatic rsync jobs. In the event I discover I need to "go back" on a file, I just SSH my server and go to my backup drive, which will have two copies of the file... I then just copy it back to the main drive and delete the "new" one on my source drive.

    Usually once a month or so, I log into the webUI, enable the delete trigger, run the job manually to bring the two drives completely in sync, then turn it off again.

    It may not be the best or most practical practice, but I've done it forever and it has never caused me an issue and has in fact saved me a few times.

    I'm still trying to figure out why write access is such an issue. To me, docker seems to be a perfect situation for Emby, Plex, etc... really any media centric container... why would you want to do an install outside of docker?

    Can you install Emby server w/ snap?

    Thank you for your post and sorry for late reply, i didn't get notification about your post for some reason.

    It is running fine for me now and i will look at upgrade if something drastically stops working. Too many scripts for different things are scheduled and i spent too much time on setting up omv4 and many dockers. I have backup in place and spare hardware in case original fails.

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