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    Whenever I open, "Welcome to SWAG instance" page is displayed instead of jellyfin page.

    Maybe it is not redirecting to the specified port 8096...?

    Here are the logs :

    I still don't see how this is possible. If is going to your swag page, this strongly suggests it's not on the proper NetworkMode

    Can you post the output of these two conmmands

    (the below assumes your swag container is named swag, and your jellyfin is named jellyfin...if they aren't, adjust commands as necessary. )

    docker inspect swag | grep NetworkMode

    Repeat for jellyfin

    docker inspect jellyfin | grep NetworkMode

    It should look something likethis.

    root@openmediavault:~# docker inspect swag | grep NetworkMode
                "NetworkMode": "swag_default",
    root@openmediavault:~# docker inspect emby | grep NetworkMode
                "NetworkMode": "swag_default",

    This is the stack :

    Uh, how is duckdns routing through cloudflare? I didn't even know that was possible. He's not even identified his duckdns token, so I have no idea how he's getting a cert.

    Restarted Swag twice.

    Yes, I am using Portainer.

    Click on Networks in Portainer.. and see the network name for your swag container (it's probably swag_default)

    Now click your jellyfin container, click Duplicate/Edit at the top, then click the Networks tab, then in the drop down where it probably says jellyfin default.... change that to swag_default (or whatever swags network is)...

    redeploy jellyfin

    OK, so if you have a cert.. it's easy.

    in the command line, go to your swag folder, and then go to nginx/proxy-confs.

    If you search that folder ( do an ls if you're using command line)... you'll see this file

    jellyfin.subdomain.conf.sample So just make a copy of it and drop the sample extension...

    cp jellyfin.subdomain.conf.sample jellyfin.subdomain.conf

    I have installed swag in portainer but I am confused how to reverse proxy jellyfin.

    Which config files have to be edited and what should be written in those config files..?

    Please guide.

    You shouldn't really have to edit anything. Again did you get a cert with swag? If you didn't then that needs to be fixed.

    can you go to and is the page secured? (padlock by the URL)

    Man I'm glad I found this thread... (long post ahead)

    Mobile... I've not found an app I really like that I can point at a self hosted server (most seem to want you to downnload the books to the device, which I'd prefer to avoid)... but the Mobile UI through a browser, is surprisingly good (maybe not as good as Calibre-web, but very good)

    I like how libraries are managed a bit more in Kavita, than Calibre. Calibre, you create shelfs, then add books to shelfs.. it works.. but can be a little cumbersome.

    In Kavita, you just create your folder, and put your ebooks in that folder, point a library at that folder, scan it and you're done.

    Instead of the "shelfs" system, you'd just create subfolders.

    For instance, /Manga/Politics, and you put books there about Politics. /Manga/War Biographies, and put books there that are War Biographies, and so forth. Both systems work, but for one feature that is missing (which I'll get into)... Kavita's is a little easier to manage, especially for a novice.

    Where it comes up a little short.

    There is no way to upload books from the webUI (again or I'm missing it). This isn't really a HUGE deal.. I guess if I were to download books on my phone while out and wanted to read it, without some sort of remote access to your server from your phone to move the book into one of your library folders, you'd not be able to. Now to be honest, in all the years I've used calibre-web (probably 5) I don't think I have ever downloaded a book on my phone and uploaded it to my server through webUI. I always managed my libraries at home on a laptop/computer... so this is probably just me being nit picky.

    Sorting books... You pretty much have a set way to sort books (year, name, author, etc.)... but there is no simple manual sort. This is handy if you have a series, and you want it displayed in order. Calibre this can be done very simple with drag/drop in the order you want. Although, it does appear Kavita can use Sort Titles... So say you have books in a series, and there's 5 in that series. If you have your books sorted by name, they may be out of order, which would no sense. With sort titles, you give a book a sort tile, which will not be visible, and it will sort by this title. Example, you give a book in a series of 5, a sort name of Book Series 1... and then give the 2nd book in the series a sort name of Book Series 2... and so forth.. they'll always be in order.

    Neither of these are deal breakers IMO... still debating the switch. She reads off the calibre server way more than I do, so she'll be the final judge... if she doesn't care either way (which is likely the case)... I'll probably switch to Kavita.

    Did you set up swag and successfully get a cert with your duckdns domain?

    Sorry, hit enter to soon...

    After a minute or two, the stack deployed and I reached Kavita by myip:5000 and set up my admin account and logged in. Obviously it isn't secured with https yet, as you can tell by the URL. This isn't a concern as I don't have port 5000 forwarded in my router, thus right now the service is only available on my network.

    Now, to redirect it through my domain so I can access it off my network.... I don't use duckdns, I purchased a cheap domain, but really other than I have to set up a CNAME, the procedure is the same.

    I use swag to manage my domain (which is based on NGINX)... I think you will find this is generally the recommended procedure here on the forum.

    Firt thing I did was went to my domain panel and created a CNAME for kavita since it will take a couple minutes to go live (you won't need to do this with duckdns...)

    Next, i went to my swag configuration folder and went to my nginx proxy-confs, and see there's already a kavita.subdomain.conf.sample file there... so all I need to do is copy the conf and drop the sample.

    ken0201@openmediavault:/NAS/AppData/swag/nginx/proxy-confs$ ls | grep kavita
    ken0201@openmediavault:/NAS/AppData/swag/nginx/proxy-confs$ cp kavita.subdomain.conf.sample kavita.subdomain.conf

    Next I took a look at the my new kavita.subdommain.conf...

    Main thing to look at here for me is the

    server_name: kavita.* This is the subdomain I'll use for kavita

    set $upstream_app kavita; This is the name of the kavita container

    set $upstream_port 5000; This is the port kavita runs on.

    The rest is really not needed here. If you make any changes, save them.

    Now if your'e using swag, you need to identify your swag network mode... I know mine is "swag_default (If you need help with that there's instructions around or post and ask).... So I add the network mode to my kavita stack and then redeploy.

    Next, I went to my swag stack... I'm using wildcard subdomains so I don't really have to do anything, and simply redeployed swag.

    Swag redeployed and I reached Kavita via domain over https

    I honestly spent way more time typing this than actualy doing it. It took less than 5min. No additional port forwarding was required, etc. I'm only using two forwarded ports to my server for swag.

    Like I said, I'm not sure what you're doing but I'm fairly confident you are making it way harder than it needs to be.

    I don't know how your managing all this (with all this port forwarding you're doing I suspect a lot different from me).. I use calibre-web for ebooks, but I'll take a crack at this one.

    I took a look at this.

    Docker Hub

    and particularly the docker-compose on that page, and changeed it's paths to meet my needs.

    I then put that in a stack in Portainer, and deployed.