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    Hi all, i am using Openmediavault for a time now, and i have to reboot it to much ( like > every day )

    I running OMV on a Raspberry pi with a 1TB external hard disk ( laptop disk )

    I want to use it with my Phone's ( android ) and windows SAMBA.

    When i want to transfer big files to the OMV it hangs after a while and the only sollution is restart.

    I am tired of resetting it, and restart it and dont be able to transfer big files.

    I am out of option, thats why i ask you guys for help.

    I dont know allot of these things so i hope you can help me out and find out whats wrong with my setup.

    Thx and greetings.
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    now i want to show you my new OMV-NAS-Setup:

    CaseInter-Tech IPC SC-4100
    78 €
    MainboardAsrock J4105-ITX J4105 Gemini lake
    86 €
    RAM4GB Crucial CT4G4SFS824A DDR4-2400 SO-DIMM CL17 Single
    35 €
    69 €
    HDD *2* WD My Book Desktop 8 TB [RAID 1]
    300 €
    power supply, internPico PSU 120W (red)
    18 €
    power supply externSALCAR 12V [10A – 120W]
    19 €
    TOTAL without SSD / HDD
    236 €
    TOTAL with SSD / HDD
    605 €

    * WD MyBook – case opened -> WD80EZAZ inside (like WDRed8, 256 MB Cache) – works in NAS without SATA-PIN-Modification

    Power consuption:
    IDLE #1~ W [have to check this again]OMV4 + SSD
    IDLE #2~ W [have to check this again]OMV4 + SSD + 2*3,5“HDD

    Actual running dockers:
    • Heimdall
    • Plex
    • JDownloader
    • Nextcloud + Onlyoffice
    • MariaDB
    • Letsencrypt
    • Openhab

    Problem with HDD (RAID) - spindown / sleep :?:
    I have all Systemdata / docker / config / clouddata and actual PLEX-Series on SSD.
    Plex-Auto-Libraryscan iss set to off!
    But my 3,5“ HDD’s won’t go to…
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    Because I kept running into a python3-error while running updates for packages, etc. I figured I could just remove and re-install the package. This did fix the error, but for some reason openmediavault is removed entirely, when all I did was ap-get remove python3; apt-get install python3. Seems weird that OMV is a dependency of Python3, or something. Should be the other way around IMO. But that's a different discussion.

    Can someone help me out in how to re-install openmediavault without touching anything else? What I'd like to do is something like apt-get install omv but I don't know (and can't find) the package name. Hopefully all settings will have remained intact.

    What gave it away was the 'packages that have become obsolete'-message when running anything apt-get related:

    Source Code

    1. De volgende pakketten zijn automatisch geïnstalleerd en zijn niet langer nodig:
    2. acl acpid apt-transport-https avahi-daemon
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    Hi, I am in the process of setting up a home nas server. I am at this stage leaning towards a system with 3 x 3tb nas hdd. I am thinking about using snapraid on openmediavault. This doesn't have to a complicated build as I will be only be storing media, music, photo's and general documents. I am thinking about using an old core2duo in a server case that I have spare. My only question is whether I should put in a raid controller card to help my setup or is this overkill? I will use a cheap controller as I'm not planning to build 100tb project.Thanks for any help.Cheers

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