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    I've been trying to set-up Nextcloud via Docker on my RPi for a few days now. I've been following the installation guide from @TechnoDadLife - Nextcloud, your personal cloud server, Openmediavault. I had to change a few things with the Docker installation so it would work for my RPi. For example, I had to use lsioarmhf/mariadb and lsioarmhf/nextcloud instead of linux/mariadb, linux/nextcloud. And I still have to figure out how to work with sharedfolders on my Luks encrypted drive. But other than that it seemed to work. At least, that's what I thought...

    Nextcloud seems to be running fine, but when I try to create an Admin account I get a 504 Gateway Time-out Error. When I retry this I get all different kinds of errors, like the one below.

    [Blocked Image:]

    I've repeated the steps several times and at one point it was actually working, but I messed it up again after a reboot, because of my Luks encryption. I've tried it again a few more times, but I…
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    after a reboot of my OMV-Box, I get an error in the UrBackup interface that the backup folder is not reachable. I did not find a problem with permissions. The only way to resolve this is deleting the share for my main UrBackup-folder and put it up new.Why is that?
    Any idea how I could solve this?

    I get a Samba-panic alert as well after reboot - is this connected? But the Urbackup share is not setup as samba-share. So I do not thing this is the same problem.

    Any hint would be nice.
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    I am so sorry to raise this issue but despite my having read all related threads on this forum (and all I can about LInux permissions generally), I really just do not understand how permissions and ACL work together.

    Perhaps someone can help explain with a practical example, to help me understand:

    I have a single hard drive in my server and I create a single folder on it called "Recordings".

    I then want to install TVHeadend on my system. I need this application to have access to the "Recordings" folder to actually create the .ts file in it.

    What type of permission would I give to the "Recordings" folder, from the dropdown box?

    Would I have to change make any additional changes under ACL?
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    I've set up the snapraid plugin and did some tests. I managed to "undelete" for example.
    The problem is that when I want to try to replace a data disk, it does not work.

    Anybody done that successfully in the GUI? The snapraid manual is for the command line and I find it very difficult to "translate" the recovery steps to the omv plugin.

    My setup:

    • data d1 /mnt/disk1/ (Content, Data)
    • data d2 /mnt/disk2/ (Content, Data)
    • parity /mnt/disk3/ (Content, Parity)

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