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    I installed OpenVPN in Raspberry and in a HP Proliant and I have the same problem.

    • Connecting to OpenVPN through my telephone 4G net is possible to connect to OMV
    • Connecting a tablet or computer with my telephone tethering is possible to reach OMV, in wifi or bluethoot mode
    • Connecting a computer, a telephone or a tablet through Wifi (from my work, hotel or free) I can navigate, google.... search which is my ip and checking that is mine, but I can't connect to OMV. I can work with the folders connected via "connect net folder" (Windows)
    If I use Zerotier I don't have any problem.

    Any idea?

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    Freshly installed OMV4 on USB stick; Added 2 drives after initial setup (3 total data hard drives installed) .All drives show up in "Disks" but only one of the new drives shows up in "file systems"
    All drives are formatted as Ext4."
    Create" gives me the option to format the drive, but as I have data on it I don't want to do this.
    There are/is 2 TB of data on the 5TB drive,if I have to I suppose I could transfer the data off, then format then transfer the data back on, but I would rather not do this if I can avoid it.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    I am running the latest stable release .. 4.1.19
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    I picked up an HP Proliant ML110 G7 - Xeon E3-1220@3.10GHz 16GB 2x 300GB SAS & x2 250GB SATA = 1.1TB. After everything is running smoothly, I will move 2-3 3TB DT01ACA300 from my main rig and ass an 8tb when I find a good deal on an external. My network is an 8-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Switch - Netgear ProSafe GS108 v3, connected to a TP-Link TL-WDR7300 AC2100 router to the ISP modem.

    I want to run a headless server design with GUI. I will be running server function, backup of my OS drives on Win10 desktop and Macbook Pro, transmission, Sonarr, Plex and Headphones. I’ve read through the getting started PDF and I understand that all of these options will need OMV-Extras and the flash memory plugin. I have a SanDisk Ultra Fit 32GB sitting on my shelf, and a Transcend Ultimate 32GB SD card that can plug into an internal header. I don’t know how the SC card port functions as I’ve never had on a mother board before. I can also pick up a used 64-128GB SSD for £10 from a local forum.


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