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rsync pull job - owner & group changed



Encryption support plans?



virtualbox cannot login


Letsencrypt problem



Active Directory / FQDN / name resolve issue


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    Other option: I encrypt my data with encfs on the client side whileI leave my data unencrypted from OMV perspective On my client I do have an encfs installation which mounts a directory from an OMV share into the filesystem of the client. The data is…
  • iamneo2416 -

    Posted the thread OMV 4.x virtualbox cannot login.

    I just finished a clean installation debian 9.6.0 OS w/openmediavualt extras virtualbox. After that I click on phpVirtualbox web ui and tried to use default 'admin' and 'password' to login without any luck. any help here ? virtualbox web service is…
  • antipiot -

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    Hello! This is expected: You have to edit the config.sample.php to allow connexions from this domain name: To do this, simply go in your Nextcloud configuration folder and find the "config.php" file in ./www/nextcloud/config/config.php ( i think it…
  • _pX_ -

    Posted the thread OMV 4.x Active Directory / FQDN / name resolve issue.

    Hi, I followed this thread Guide to OMV 4 Active Directory Integration and successfully (almost) joined AD (Samba4 on Univension Corporate Server). This means I can see AD users and groups on OMV and can share file/folders. But still OMV FQDN ins't…
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    Yes but you may run into some routing issues if not done correctly. Personally, I would setup a pfsense box and have both internet connections go to it (I have done this before).
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    @Kai, if you're in the US (from your profile you are), this time of year, there's frequent sales on low capacity SSDs from the large internet sellers (Newegg, Frys, Amazon, B&H, etc.) I'm frequently seeing 60GB and 120GB drives from established…
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    probably you do not push the "+" button on the last line ( when add the /config) so is not saved properly = so it use default /config location in read only mode). you need to edit your docker config (Push button "Edit" to do it and save)…
  • Agricola -

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    @HackitZ No. When I remove that line, save config.php, and restart Nextcloud container, and I type in the actual url listed in 0 => ... the browser reverts to Thanks for the help.
  • Agricola -

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    @HackitZ 1. yes 2. let me check