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    Hello guys,I currently have 2t of contents analyzed by the plexmediaserver. If I were forced to redo the installation of omv from the beginning, I wondered if there was a way to save all the metadata of the plexserver so as not to have to reconstitute with the correct association of all the elements (covers, plots, titles, etc etc).How to proceed correctly to have an easily restored back up of all this information?Thanks for attention
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    Another question about rsnapshot, as I'm still not 100% fluid with OMV "ACL" (I used quotes voluntarily, given the different levels used in OMV for this).

    I have several shared folders belonging to distinct users - some home folders, some shared by everybody, some shared by only a few users... The usual stuff.

    What is recommended for using rsnapshot? Use the same destination shared folder for all backup and managed permissions within it? Use distinct shared folders?

    I realize as I'm writing that my question may look wide and go beyond rsnaphot... Any advice will be appreciated!

    PS: I'm using OMV 4.1.4-1
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    In the raw rsnapshot, one can define specific exclusion and inclusion rules. How can/should we achieve this using the OMV plugin?

    Beside, is /etc/rsnapshot.conf used at all when using the OMV plugin? If so, how? E.g do OMV settings override /etc/rsnapshot.conf ?

    I'm using OMV 4.1.4-1 (and knows well debian).

    Thank you for your help, and of course a big thank to all OMV contributors!

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