My NAS build proposal, Plex server required

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    • My OMV NAS build proposal, Plex server required

      I've been running an old Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials box. I'm not a server expert at all, this was just a hobby project. The server is getting old, though, and I'd like to setup a NAS to replace it as I do not really need all the options of a server.
      I was thinking of buying a ready-made Synology at first, but that is expensive for what I get in hardware, also I'd like to keep with the DIY theme.

      I would like to upgrade my current 17TB to a lot more. Either 48TB or 60TB, depending on the RAID version I choose. I do have al large collection of media files ^^ . Because of that I would like to run Plex Media Server on this machine. Currently it's running on my daily driver, not ideal. I would like to run backups of three windows PC's/laptops and a Macbook Pro.

      So this is the build I am proposing:

      - MSI X470 Gaming Pro, socket AM4 motherboard
      - AMD Ryzen 5 2400G, (I chose this 'G' version, because I think I'll need the integrated graphics for the Plex media server. Also I don't need a seperate graphics card now)
      - Noctua NH-U12S cpu-koeler (the Ryzen has a boxed cooler, but I hope the Noctua will be more quiet)
      - Corsair 32 GB DDR4-2666 (is 32 GB enough?)
      - Sharkoon WPM Gold ZERO 550W
      - WD Blue SN500 NVMe, 250 GB SSD (for OMV)
      - 6 x Seagate IronWolf ST12000VN0007 12TB
      - an older but quiet miditower I have lying around with enough place for the HDD's

      I'm new to OMV and I hope to get your input on a few questions

      - has anyone tried the Ryzen 2400G for OMV and plex? Any issues to be expected?
      - Would this build work for Plex trancoding of 3 1080p streams or 1 4K stream?
      - is 32 GB RAM enough for this build?
      - is putting the OS on the NVMe drive a good option?
      - does OMV support adding a 10Gb NIC later on?
      - is the extra security of RAID 6 over RAID 5 worth it in your opinion?

      Thankfull for any reponse.

    • 250gig SSD for omv is massive. Unless you have a ginormous Plex database, you would very likely not even need 10.

      I would think 32gigs of ram would be way overkill, but I don't transcode. That's a lot of Ram for almost almost anything. Transcoding I believe is more CPU hungry than ram hungry.

      You don't really need much for graphics. The Plex server is just that, a server. It actually is designed to be headless, and then managed via a web browser. You play your Plex media via a Plex client (usually installed on a computer or TV box like a Shield, Firestick, or other Android TV box). Omv does does not have a desktop GUI like Windows Server... It is all command line and the only omv GUI is the webui.
      Air Conditioners are a lot like PC's... They work great until you open Windows.

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      Thanks for the reply!

      Good tip on the SSD, I'll go for the smallest one I can find. The current Plex database is not that big; a little under 10 GB

      I wasn't sure about the RAM. Initially I was planning on 16GB, but I can get a good deal on 32. I'll stick with 16, still better for my budget.

      I think I goofed up on those integrated graphics. I thought I had read somewhere that integrated graphics were needed for hardware transcoding. I've now read that it's not the integrated graphics, but that the CPU needs to have QuickSync enabled. Which also means that I need a Intel CPU. So I'm now thinking of these

      - an MSI Z390-A PRO, socket 1151
      - with a Intel Core i5-9400F

      as a replacement
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      No, I was really just looking for a board with 6 SATA connectors. I spoke to a friend of mine who can sell me this board for 55 euro's (about 62 USD), which is cheap for this board. I hadn't looked the chipset at all, tbh, just at the socket and the SATA connectors. I'm open to suggestions though.