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    Hi all,

    I've a fresh install OMV 4.1.23 with a Domain Controler (AD Microsoft WS2016)

    My ACL is simple.
    I create two Security Groups to my AD :
    - Folder XXX - RO
    - Folder XXX - RW

    And an Administrators Folders security group :
    - Folders - Administrators

    On my XXX shared folder, I add this ACL :
    - Folder XXX - RO = Read only
    - Folder XXX - RW = Read/Write
    - Owner = root = Read / Write / Execute
    - Group = Folders - Administrators = Read / Write / Execute

    But, on my shared folder to Windows 10 (or other version), I've 3 additional ACL :
    - Evertbody
    - Owner Creator
    - Group Creator

    My problem with this additional ACL (creators), when I create a folder or file, the Owner is automatically added.
    When there are many folders or files created with a lot of different users, the list of ACLs is very large.

    And when I try to delete Owner Creator or Group Creator, I've no permissions.

    So, how I could remove Owner Creator and Group Creator ?
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    I'm completely new to OMV, but have been using Debian for ~ 15 years. OMV 4 runs on a recently built Helios4 NAS. I have installed the OMV Extras plugin, it is also shown as installed (green dot). But ZFS is not offered on the extensions page. Is this due to the 32-bit platform of the Helios4?

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