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      Hi folks,

      I am running into a problem finding any tutorials or guides in english on how to setup the NGINX Plugin to serve a public web page while allowing me to configure my OMV to be accessible via subdomain. All with LetsEncrypt so that I can only access my OMV over HTTPS, but so that I can also access my primary website (served by NGINX plugin) on port 80 and/or 443. I would like my SSL certs to be valid for ports 443 and whatever port I set the OMV GUI to.

      Additionally, I don't know much about NGINX and a lot of the info I am finding online uses the CLI, but I am trying to understand Pools. What are they for? Do I need them? How would I set them up for my configuration?

      Ideally my configuration would look like this:

      Source Code

      1. - port 80 - Public accessible web page
      2. - port 443 - Public accessible web page using LetsEncrypt SSL
      3. - port 81 - Redirects to HTTPS://
      4. - port 442 - OMV web GUI using LetsEncrypt SSL

      Thank you all for any help.
    • Download the LE plugin, and install it.
      Your domain must be valid, and you own it in order to generate the cert.

      Next create your sites with the 'port-based' , in the Nginx plugin.

      Then go to the Certificates tab, and make sure it's there.

      You don't need a separated port for LE.

      If you want multiple domains, in LE plugin GUI, then do like this:,,
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