Slow transfer speeds through SMB (w/ gigabit network)

    • OMV 5.x (beta)

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    • Slow transfer speeds through SMB (w/ gigabit network)

      Hi Yall,

      I have recently made a nas using the OMV os which is installed on a USB 2.0 flash disk (i have the flash-memory plugin enabled), I am using a mitx motherboard: ASrock h61m-itx, with 8gb ram and a i5 3470 cpu. I have a pair of hdds installed and set up as a raid0 which holds my data, about 9TB (use of 2x 5TB hdds). However, I noticed when i'm transferring a file from the NAS, it transfers at a average rate of 10MB/s, even my downloads through transmissions are impacted, average around 500kb/s, should be at least triple that. Could the fact that the os installed is on a USB 2.0 Flash disk is impacting it? I have no clue what is going on. :(
    • No. Using USB 2 for the root filesystem is not the problem.

      There are many similar threads here. Perhaps you can find hints there.

      Common causes:

      Slow router/switch.
      No switch.
      Fast Ethernet is used rather than Gigabit Ethernet.
      WiFi is used.
      NTFS is used on the NAS.
      Slow and feeble Windows client.
      Bad cables.
      Network extensions using power lines.
      Bad network configuration.
      Slow drives.
      Slow network interface.
      Small NAS overloaded with multiple tasks/transfers.

      You can run test on the network and the drives to check the nominal speeds. But even if that gives good results combination of minor problems using marginal equipment might slow things down.

      Google "test network speed" or "test disk speed" for instructions on how to test your setup. Or search similar threads here.
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