[GUIDE] Configuring and using Transmission plugin for permissions

  • Configuring and Using Transmission

    This is a mini guide to configure transmission to work with OMV.


    By default transmission runs under this system daemon username: debian-trasmission, has his own primary group called also debian-transmission, NOT the default group users (GID=100)

    You can check with id debian-transmission and ps aux | grep transmission check first column

    Now as we know all default folders in OMV have the following permission schema:

    Ownership root:users
    Permission 2775

    Under this schema transmission CANNOT write to defaults shared folders created in the webGUI of OMV

    You have different approaches to solve this problem

    1) Add debian-transmission to the group users

    usermod -G users debian-transmission

    Now check with groups debian-transmission

    Note: Consider that with this transmission will be able to write to every default media folder of OpenMediaVault

    2) Change the ownership of the download folders

    We change the shared folder ownership that transmission is using to download

    chown debian-tranmission -R /media/<uuid>/FolderName

    If the folder already exists and has contents or comes from another install or server try

    chown debian-transmission:users -R /media/<uuid>/FolderName
    chmod 2775 -R /media/<uuid>/FolderName


    • Is your choice to user group users here, that means members from that group can delete stuff on that folder.
    • You can do this in the ACL windows without touching the ACL permissions to the right, but the openmediavault still adds a default ACL, that gets displayed at terminal that can confuse, but should not interfere with permission.

    3) ACL

    Open the ACL window and add debian-transmission to read-write, window to the right


    4) World write mode

    In the shared folder section open the reset permission tab, select the shared folder you currently use for transmission and reset to Everyone



    • When a permission problem occurs in transmission with a torrent, the only way to solve it is to delete the torrent, fix the permissions and add the torrent again.
    • Never change /etc/transmission/settings.json file manually, the plugin HAS FULL CONTROL of this file, if you add a change the next time you make a change in the OMV transmission section your change will be gone. The plugin provides a full interface for configuring every json key settings.
    • A flexible umask to transmission helps so files are writable by others, like if you want to edit or delete content from samba, SFTP or any other service

    Umask translation in transmission (Read here )

    Value 0 = 777 folders (666 files) mode. everyone can write
    Value 2 = 775 folders (664 files) mode owner and group can write) ## This is the preferred one
    Value 18 = 755 folders (644 files) mode only the owner can write

    In the plugin section you need to use the values represented in red

  • Bonus track: Unpack script for transmission

    This two scripts should unpack torrents with rar's. The first one will unpack to the same torrent location, the second one will unpack to another defined location. The log function will put some output in syslog.

    Same location

    Another location

    Don't forget to make the files executable with chmod +x script.sh
    For testing this scripts without waiting for transmission to finish a torrent just run passing the environmental variables that transmission would use in a real torrent as arguments

    /path/to/script/./script_name torrent/path torrent_name


    /path/to/script/./script_name /media/7283242e-cb09-40ea-a27e-a91e58cd3dc6/torrent Line.of.Duty.S03E02

    Important note: Don't put the script in a folder in /media, those path in ext4 disks have noexec mount flag so you cannot run any software/script there. You can put the script in /usr/local/bin so you can call them from anywhere.

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