Backup Folders from Windows when available

  • Hello,

    my new task is, that my openmediavault NAS scans my network for an IP Adress from a notebook.

    One time in a week, when the notebook is available, the NAS should automacitally start to sync folders, but on the NAS side, should not remove files!
    The notebook operates Win10.

    Is this possible with rsync and what to setup so that works?


  • I think you would solve this in windows side. Windows can run scheduled task according to certain parameters one of them is a connection to network, so when your laptop connects to your home network the scheduled task will trigger, then you can attach a windows script to initiate the rsync to omv.

    You can use rsync in windows installing Cygwin.

    Don't ask here how to write a script for windows, there are other forums for that and plenty of information on the web.

  • Have had the same/a similar challenge.

    I use these scripts with Windows and Linux (reason for delveloping has been I've been looking for a less or more (?) "Locky save" solution and didn't find something that fits my requirements. And also wanted to start a backup at all... :rolleyes: )

    Hope it helps. But be careful, didn't check if it is the most current version (and if the readme is helpful enough...).

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