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  • I was hoping to get a good feeling of other people about this topic of using windows 10 as a home media server instead of OMV.
    I am currently using OMV as my primary server to serve PLEX, Emby, SMB shares dnsclient etc. I am not using transmission due to my slow connection. I have been pondering the issue about using Win10 as my primary server instead of OMV. Please don't get me wrong
    here, I have been using OMV since the first versions. I like OMV a lot and it has served me well and I thank all the developers for their time and effort. Unfortunately I have to run my server with a windows VM using Virtual box because I am missing a very crucial plugin to do my http downloads with resuming etc. Is there any reason I should not use Win10 instead of OMV? I am just throwing it out there. I have limited skills in linux but I do get around doing things here and there. If you think of it, Windows can do most of the things OMV can. If it is better or worse, you tell me. I mean there is the no-ip dns update app, torrent app with web interface, download managers (ones that work good for me), Acronis for backups, virus protection & firewall, Emby & PLEX, Docker for windows and public shares which actually work without a password all availble in Windows. All available to manage through Remote desktop so the box can be headless. What I would miss is the email notifications about smart monitoring & system resources usage and the lightweight system os. If the Windows system will give me stable uptime I am ok. Perhaps my requirements are less that other people might need. I hope this thread don't get deleted due to its contents. :whistling:

  • OMV is a NAS. A NAS is not designed to run as a workstation with a screen and keyboard. The whole point of a NAS is that it's a server box, always on, that you run in a closet without a screen or keyboard. The OS can run lean and mean, with lower hardware requirements and power consumption.

    If you want to run a desktop PC, then use a desktop OS. Your HTTP downloads can be managed with the downloads plugin.

  • Or another option if you just wanted for downloads is to see if your router has a usb 3 port and the option to make downloads and just use that for your downloads which is all a web interface. I know some routers have that option then you can just keep using your nas as usual and not have to make another server. I know my netgear nas has that download app but I never use it. I think my router does too, but I never use it. I just use the program on my computer when I need it. I hardly download anything nowadays, specially with all the crap that's out there. Well, I just thought I mention it in case your router has that so you don't have to spend any more on something that you may not need to. Plus, one less computer running in your room is always a good thing unless you like the server room like music. Trust me, it gets old fast. The ddns is done by the router not your nas.

  • I am currently running a windows vm on OMV. Downloading http. That is all it is used for because the downloader plugin does not cover my requirements due to my poor internet connection. Agree that OMV is a NAS but can a headless workstation serve one just as good?
    My stupid router can only do Dyndns updates. So I had to resort to other plugins.

  • I'm not sure why you are asking. You seem to already have your mind made up. If Windows 10 is what you want to use, use it. Most people don't use it for a NAS and most likely no one in this forum does. Windows 10 was not designed to be headless even if it has remote desktop. If the downloader plugin is inadequate for your needs, improve it or try something else.

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  • I am asking to get some other reasons. I am merely testing the waters here. Perhaps I will try ubuntu. But then I have to learn a bunch of tricks again.
    All I am saying is that the systems seems alike although not a perfect comparison and I would like to get an honest discussion going. Remember that all our requirements are not alike...

  • Having written many plugins that I dont use, I understand people's needs are different. The one need we cant accommodate is Windows familiarity.

    I really dont understand why you would use Ubuntu though. Debian can do everything Ubuntu does.

    I've been a Unix/Linux system admin for almost 20 years and windows admin even longer. I avoid Windows when I can. So, from my experience, it is worth learning what you dont know. Download resumes are not worth switching to Windows. The downloader plugin could probably be changed to allow resumes since the underlying programs it uses allow them.

    omv 5.6.0 usul | 64 bit | 5.4 proxmox kernel | omvextrasorg 5.5.3 plugins source code and issue tracker - github

    Please read this before posting a question.
    Please don't PM for support... Too many PMs!

  • Get a $35 Raspberry Pi and use it as a torrent box, that is exactly what I'm doing. Runs Deluge, can be customised anyways, and I have never encountered any issues with it.

    Of course, the Raspberry Pi will be limited to 100 Mbps, but most parts of the world have Internet speeds much lower than that. You can even set up Deluge to transfer files to the NAS once the download is completed, so it's pretty much set and forget unless adding the torrents themselves.

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