Can't connect to webinterface & a lot of error messages after upgrade

  • Hi

    I tried to upgrade an existing OMV installation.
    I was wondering if somebody could indicate a way to safe the system, otherwise I'll do a complete reinstall.

    I get the following error messages, do you have any suggestions what I can do to fix the system?

    Kind regards

    • Official Post

    It seems the update was not successful. According to the error messages the below may help to fix the issue. If possible, uninstall all plugins before, but surely this is not possible because APT will run into the upgrade issues again.

    # rm -f /etc/collectd/collectd.conf.d/*
    # cat /dev/null > /etc/collectd/collectd.conf
    # apt-get dist-upgrade
    # omv-mkconf collectd
    # systemctl restart collectd.service
  • Hi votdev

    I tied your solution but it returns the same error message

    Is there a possibility to find out what's causing the problem with collectd?

    Kind regards

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