OMV Breaks when installing ownCloud

  • Hello

    I'm getting very frustrated...
    I've been following this guide Owncloud 8 and MySQL: alternative approach
    to install owncloud.

    EVERY time I install nginx it breaks my system when I reboot, i'm no longer able to login to the system.
    I've tried the repair in ssh as I luckily enabled root before hand, but resetting the password does nothing. When I try to login, i get a red box saying "software failure".

    I've tried updating nginx first then turning it on but it's the same issue.

    The port for the gui was changed from 80 to 8080 and I set the nginx port to 5000.

    I'm using the raspberry pi image provided by openmediavault.

    Please help... I really want to use this kit for my own nas build but I have to be able to access the files outside my home. :D

  • Well it can get very unhandy since OMV itself is based on nginx.
    If you install the nginx plugin you get additional configuration possibilities but also can break the whole thing.
    Since I experienced the same issues and doesn't want to reconfigure my OMV system again and again I decided to run VirtualBox on my NAS.

    In the VM I can completely use nginx as it's designed to without worrying about the system stability.

    Then the only thing you need to do is to forward incoming traffic (directed to Owncloud) to the VM.

    If you want to configure it side by side you need to ensure that both servers (virtual servers in nginx) are seperated and can be reached in different ways.
    For example with different ports. Maybe you can give us your virtual host configuration.
    It lays in etc/nginx/sites-enabled/openmedivault-webgui

    Btw: I would suggest you to use Nextcloud. In my opinion much more up2date as Owncloud is.

  • I can't use virtual box as im running this on a raspberry pi

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