• In my OMV I have n shares (share1;share2; share3 )take for example share1 it is r/w with user1;user2 and r for user3 and forbidden for user4

    I need to change user password monthly for all user that is related to a network share

    My idea is to
    1) chage manually on all user that has a share
    2) create a script that mail them that they have only 5 days to change password
    3) lock account past 10 days without change the password

    Is this a good idea or it can be accomplished in a better ways

    If this is a good idea
    1) is simple
    2) what are the rule to write the script and run it via cron or anacron and send emails without fight with OMV mailer.
    2b)The idea is to point the user to standard OMV login so he/she can change the password by themself.
    3)If locked only root can unlock it

  • Ok Perfect thanks
    I'll try and post my solution.

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