Can't ping, can not sign in to server

  • I just did a fresh OMV 4 installation and all seemed to be working fine. However, trying to set up a Plex server in Docker was causing me trouble. I wasn't able to log in successfully to "claim" the server with my Plex account. After playing around for a few minutes, I found that I was also unable to ping However, I was able to ping the five or six other sites that I picked to test. According to, there is no outage currently. Any ideas?

    I am using a static IP and my router's IP as my default gateway and DNS server.

  • Well, that answers one question.

    In my Plex logs, I get several entries with Couldn't resolve host '', which to me sounds like a DNS issue. However, I can't figure out why it's only affecting this one container.

  • Post your container setup. Are you sure you set up the networking to the container correctly?

    I hope so, I wrote the book on it!

    But seriously, here it is:

    Also, I noticed in the container logs two files that are unable to be accessed due to permissions. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but can somebody else please check their working container for these entries?

    Failed to open /etc/resolv.conf: Permission denied
    Failed to read /etc/avahi/services.
    Failed to open static hosts file: Permission denied
  • Actually, I seem to have found the solution. I forgot that I had moved the docker base path to a different SSD in an attempt to simplify backup/file manipulation, but this was causing the issue (I'm guessing permissions-based, since all my problems seem to revolve around permissions). Removing this configuration and setting the base path back to /var/lib/ default location resolves my problem.

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