How do I migrate from Ext4 Raid1 to a BTRFS pool?

  • So my system right now is an Ext4 Raid1 with encryption. I set it up this way for data preservation, but I've been reading around, and it seems like Ext4 is a poor way of going about it.

    As it happens, though, I just replaced one of my working drives, so in theory I have a disc with all of my data. I was thinking I should convert to a BTRFS pool, but I wanted to hear your thoughts on it. My server is an older desktop with 4Gb of memory, the OS on a flash drive, and a dual core processor.

    My assumption is that I could plug the extra drive in my desktop, create a new encrypted BTRFS pool with the new drives, copy over my files, and get the same performance, but with better data preservation. If this is wrong, why, and how would I go about doing what I want or whatever I need that I don't know yet?

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