OMV boots fine, I can log into web but as soon as I plug in my raid drives it all goes wrong

  • Hi all,

    I had an issue in the past so I did a fresh install of OMV onto an m.2 SSD drive in a USB enclosure. I installed FROM a DVD onto the SSD/USB.

    It boots perfectly, I can log into the web interface from other machines.

    I then plug in my RAID drives (4 x discs making up 2 x raid drives). Note these were active and running previously with OMV until just a few hours ago when I formatted a new SSD/USB

    Then, when I boot with the discs plugged back in I get this:

    What can I do to have my RAID drives and my boot USB working together?

    Thanks so much

  • OK I put the USB into a different port. It worked!
    BUT! This port is external and I had it in the locked, internal bay.
    It is working, but it's not ideal. How can I get it back into the internal USB port and work?

    This is a HP Proliant microserver. Has a lock and key, quite nice for security. Now I have my boot disk hanging out of the front of the machine.

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    oooh, now you have my attention. What alternate BIOS is that? What does it do?

    Have a look here here and here the first link some of the links within the article don't work, but the second does, if you get any problems downloading give me a shout and I'll email them.

    Word of caution, with W10 it's a biatch to create the bootable usb, it only needs to be 2Gb usb drive but you'll need to remove all partitions using diskmmgmt.msc (Disk Management) then you'll probably have to run the SP54344.exe from a command prompt (Run as Administrator) at least I did.

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