Write to SMB share from Windows 10 denied

  • I have used Samba to share a directory with Windows 10. I can browse, and read files in it, but I cannot write to it or change anything.
    The Windows 10 IP address is allowed specifically, and the Read Only switch is off.
    There does not appear to be any way to specify a username or password on the Windows side.
    How do I allow Windows 10 programs to modify files in that directory?


    ps. Why do I need to specify an Upgrade Path when the problem is not Upgrade related?

  • I'm having some luck, but still have issues.

    In Access Rights - Shared folders, I have selected ACL and given myself read/write access to the folder.
    When I create a file in it, it gets the owner and group of the user, HC1, created when OMV was installed, not mine.
    When I denied access to HC1 there I could not write to the folder. At least now I know where access is granted.

    In the GettingStarted guide I see nothing regarding setting a password, other than for admin/root access.

    I have the same username and password on both machines. How do I tell OMV to use my account and not HC1?

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