OpenVPN tunnel to internet

  • Hello i try to tunnel my internet traffic trough OpenVPN.

    So I install openvpn Plugin and configure it.

    activ yes
    port: 1194
    protocol: TCP
    compression yes
    pam: no
    additional options: empty
    Gateway: enps0s31f6
    standard gateway: yes
    client 2 client: 2
    DNS SearchDomain: empty

    I am able to establish a vpn connection and connect to omv, put a can not access the internet where i have to change the setting? :/

  • Which gateway you want to have for Internet connection. Internet trough the tunnel you have to set redirect-gateway and don't forget to set the route back...

    OMV 3.0.99 (ERASMUS). Never change a running system. If you do it anyway, better you have a backup. :D

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