Extending storage. Raid 1 to raid 5

  • Can I just add a hdd and convert the raid 1 to a raid 5 automatically ?

    The short answer is no, the simplest way to do this is to backup your data and start again using the GUI, but to do that you'll have to remove any SMB shares, then the shares, then the Raid, then wipe the drives, then create the Raid 5.

    If you want another option/s have a look here

  • Thank you so far. Would it make sense to use snapraid instead of raid 5?

    I decided to buy another two HDDs each 4TB. Nevertheless, i will make a complete backup of my data on external drives. Also i have a Synology ds 212 with 2x2 TB HDDs. Maybe there is a way that in addition of an backup to external drives to Sync Data from omv NAS to my Synology NAS ?

  • Would it make sense to use snapraid instead of raid 5?

    Depends on what you are using it for, SnapRaid is primarily for media i.e. files you are not accessing on a regular basis. The raid 1 will only 'behave' as a single disk, another option would be to use them as single drives 2 x data then 2 x rsnapshot so you have copies of your your data drives, or ZFS, another learning curve.
    Regarding the Synology you may be able to run Remote Mount plugin on OMV so you would mount a remote share (on your synology) on OMV.

  • Most of my data consist of media files (music, movies and photos) and I will primarily use the NAS for my Home Cinema. So right now, I do not need the NAS to run 24/7.

    Then SnapRaid would probably be the best choice, there is information on the forum along with using MergerFS in conjunction with SnapRaid.

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