Help setting up Haegene/transmission-openvpn with a custom vpn

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to set up my expressvpn account and i cant figure out how to use docker.

    Under the "Using a custom provider" on -

    "Add a new volume mount to your docker run command that mounts your config file: -v /path/to/your/config.ovpn:/etc/openvpn/custom/default.ovpn"

    I don't understand how to upload/input my .ovpn file.

    Also, how would i go about running as script? to be more specific how would I run the "" to auto configure my vpn setting. I have my .ovpn file in a folder on my server. Do I just input as an environmental variable and set the value to the source folder?

  • I've never done it... but it looks like what it's telling you to do, is add a volume mount for your vpn file.... You should be able to do that from the webUI. When setting up the container (or by modifying a currently running container)... You'd need to make sure your .openvpn file is on your NAS in a folder where you can find it.

    Scroll down near the bottom where it says Volumes and Bind Mounts.
    Volume.. put the path to your .ovpn file.
    Container Mount... It looks like you would put /etc/openvpn/custom/default.ovpn
    Then the + to save.

    Is there some reason you are just married to this VPN? There's a lot of good ones on that list that work w/ little effort. I know many of us here use PIA and IPVanish. I've had PIA for several years and have always been happy with them. Technodad has mentioned in his videos he uses NordVPN, so I'd take that as a pretty decent endorsement.

    Frankly rather than going to the hassle you're going to... I'd sign up for some free trials on the ones above that are fully supported.. and just switch. That's just me however.

  • I'm having almost the exact same issue/difficulty. I watched the TechnoDadLife video which was great in explaining the basic setup of the Environment variables it expects, but realised quickly that custom providers wasn't a simple thing to implement necessarily.

    I'm using and want to stick with a custom Streisand server I have running on AWS which generates .ovpn files and it's these I'm trying to use with this.

    In the Volumes and Bind mounts I've got:

    Host path field: /sharedfolders/SSDSTORE/TROVPN (a shared folder in which I've put the .ovpn file from Streisand)
    Container path field: /config

    In the Extra arguments field I've tried: -v /config/x.x.x.x-direct.ovpn:/etc/openvpn/custom/default.ovpn (x.x.x.x is the ip of my server)

    I've seen in the instructions that the script "" needs to be run to modify the .ovpn file with "your folder name as parameter" so that it works but I'm not sure either which folder it's referring to as "your folder name" (the folder with the .ovpn file in it or the ovpn folder within the Docker Dontainer?) or how to properly run the script.

    Also, I'm not sure how to access the script itself to run it. This one would take some Googling if I was trying to figure it out on my own and I'm fairly new to Linux and the command line. I'll think i'll need to figure out how to access the file (In the docker container? or download a copy from the Gihub repo?) I have found a copy of the script from a branched project for Deluge but not sure it's the same or up to date?:…/openvpn/

    My trial and error approach would probably be to download the script file to a the shared folder with the .ovpn file in and run it guessing which path it expects.

    Every time I run the image and create a container with the Environment variables and arguments, for whatever reason (misconfiguration of the paths or .ovpn file I think) the container seems to be constantly "restarting" and then disappears from the list of containers altogether as if it's deleted itself.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated in how to set the paths correctly in the container and run the script to modify the .ovpn file. I'll keep trying stuff and if I figure it out I'll come back and update. Thanks!

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