OMV on debian 9 with desktop environment

  • I would like to install OMV on Debian 9 with DE (LXDE for example) and threads I've found about that type of installation are full of answers that this is not recommended, that it leads to problems.
    Can someone explain it to me what is the problem with OMV alongside DE? What can happed if I try it? I know that OMV is meant to be used headless but I made clean install just for testing purposes and it was working as intended or I wasn't using it long enough to encounter any problems. Is it lxde-session (in this scenario) which causes problems or what?
    And what if I would set grub to boot in tty and run DE through startx command only if I need it?

    Would be greatful if someone could shed some light on this matter for me.

  • Desktop environments have utilities that manage config files and services that OMV is managing. They also do auto-mounting that is not compatible with OMV.

    Why do you want to use it as a desktop?

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  • First I would like to apologize for not keeping up with the thread for so long but I was off for few weeks.
    Secondly thanks for answering @ryecoaaron!

    I want to have DE because I store almost all my files in nas and when I need to do something with them, like creating/extracting archives, editing video containers etc. It runs faster when command is being executed on NAS itself instead client PC. Probably gigabit ethernet is a bottleneck here. I'm more "windows guy" so doing this in DE is much more convenient for me than typing commands in shell.
    That's not something crucial for me but would be nice to have. Additionally my NAS is standing next to my desk and it's connected to the same monitor which I use daily with my PC.
    And during tests I haven't run into a single problem of that connection. That's why I ask what exact issues might to occur.

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