Transmission with VPN Docker image no longer working

  • So I've had my Transmission running inside a Docker image with OpenVPN configured. It's been running fine for months. Only the other day I go add a few torrents, and the web ui states on a few files that the shared folders are not accessable. Which is odd, because I'd only run updates on my OMV build, and configured nothing else. Then all of a sudden I can't connect to the web ui. "Server not responding".

    So I started turning things on and off, and it turns out, removing the docker image solves the problem. I installed this image using the Techno Dad Life videos, it's the haugene-transmission-openvpn image, and it was working great for months.

    Now I've tried reinstalling this image countless times for the last few days, but it just doesn't work. It seems to completely cut off Transmission. I'm able to log into the OMV ui perfectly fine through all this.

    So I could leave it off, but I'd really prefer to utilise Nord VPN for bittorrent. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

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    Can you try posting some more information? Just saying it doesn't work no matter what tells us absolutely nothing more than for me to say, "It's working great here, I'm using it right now" (which I am).

    Why don't you start by posting the log file for Transmission.

  • I have gone completely different route granted it's going to eat up some more your resources but I believe it's easier. Virtualbox plugin and grab a super light Linux like arch or xubuntu use vnc to install and use the os and share a folder out of the vm install your Nord VPN app if they have one for Linux. How I have mine set up is just like that but I am using PIA app and VPN kill switch on and only allowing local traffic.

    I'm only giving two gigs of RAM to it and two cores out of 6. The reason I do it this way is that it ensures easy setup graphical interface no DNS leak it's just something that takes the matter of the time to install the operating system and install the software. Laziness Certified :)

    My homebrew Nas
    OMV 4
    AMD Phenom II X6 1065T
    Viper 3 16GB DDR3 1600MHz
    PNY 120GB SSD
    Two: Hitachi 4TB
    In a HP Pavilion case :D

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