NanoNAS NanoPi M4 3-bay or 4-bay most compact and low consumption RAID

  • Hi Kirkdis,

    since your case is exactly what I'm searching for, I would also like to use it. I have only two questions on it:

    I assume it's working, but can I use the case with 2,5 " SSDs? From the pictures I would say yes, but just to be sure...

    Where can I find informations about your fan setup? Stramm wrote something about resistors, but I didn't find any information about that. Maybe I overlooked something, but can you please say something more in detail how to setup the fan? Thank you very much.


  • Hi Maginos,

    First of all thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it.

    Here is the blogpost with the shoppinglist for my setup.

    For sure you can use SSD´s instead of HDD´s. My HDD´s are quite high due to high capacity at the time I purchased them.

    I recommend to test first if your drives fit properly by downloading the file 10-06discmnt.stl form thingiverse and try to mount at least 2 drives to asure that the drives fit to heightwise. With SSD´s the idle and standby consumption will drop massively. I would be happy if you post some photos of your setup when it´s done.



  • Thank you for your response.

    ah ok, now I understand. I thougt, you had to modify the plug connector of the fan, but if I see correctly, you can plug it in as it is, right? Or did you modify the cables of the fan with resistors?

    Ok, this will be a bit difficult, because I'm not printing the parts by myself, and I don't know, if my friend has two SSDs left to test it. But I think, that there will be no problem, since SSDs are lower in height and and the holes for the screws should be in the exact same position.
    Yes, the low power consumption is actually a very nice side effect of this small project, which got now the highly important task to store and restore my backup of my Weather Station Raspberry Pi.
    If the case is looking nicely, I will post some pictures, I promise. :D The first part is already printed and we already ran into the first problem. The four sticks for the fan were not printed properly, so he added a supporting structure (Stützstruktur) and we have to get the four sticks out of it by hand. Let's see, how this will work. He also said, that this is a problem of the printer, that it has some problems at specific tasks, so I don't blame your template for this. :D

    Unfortunately, he's not at home right now and will return in 2-3 weeks, so this project will take some time. And I have to get the fan first, before I can assemble it.


  • The prototype photos show the fan connected to the big molex connector but I finally soldered both cables on the other side of the board to the connector pins due to the fact I didn´t had this conntector available.

    If you use a 12VDC fan you don´t need resistors all you have to do is connecting it to the pins which are bridged with the power supply input connector. you can easily identify these with a multimeter. Are you from Germany because you use the word Stützstruktur?

  • Today I bought the NONOIse G5015S12D DC12V 0.080A on ebay, so yes, I have a 12 V fan.

    I assume you mean the two pins left of the 4-pin 12 V input connector on the SATA hat (which are labelled as "Fan" on the homepage of friendlyelec), right? So I just have to plug the fan there? That would be easy. :D

    Yes, I'm from Germany, actually my second home is Erlangen. ;)

  • Hi Kirdis, the last part of the case is in printing, I hope to get all parts tomorrow and that I can put everything together tomorrow evening.

    I've got one last question: How do you control the fan? I found this on the internet:

    and this:…ab=comments#comment-92709

    I did everything as the people there suggested, but the fan doesn't spin. The service "fancontrol" is active and running btw. How did you do that? The latest temperature of the NanoPi M4V2 is 48 °C.

    Thank you for your help!

  • Hi Maginos,

    sorry for the late reply. I soldered the fan directly to the 12V and GND pin on the sata hat. My fan is spinning constantly as soon the power supply is connected. find photos below for the location of the pins.

    I have to admit that a pwm controlled fan is the better solution keep me updated if you figure out how to get pwm working. Thanks

  • kirkdis

    Removed the Label OMV 4.x
  • This is awesome, thanks kirkdis!!

    I’d like to try this. Do you think it make sense to go with the M4V2? I’m not sure if the extra money will result in an improvement of the speed.

    Hi Pakcjo,

    Check this link which explains the difference between V1 & V2. In my opinion the LPDDR4 ram of the V2 is faster but I assume that this will not add much to the overall power of the NAS. More relevant will be to compare the 2GB Version to the 4GB Nanopi... If you get a V1 with 4GB much cheaper than the V2 then go with the old one...

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