Making warning box nicer

  • I love OMV wholeheartedly. It's an exceptional piece of software, not only extremely convenient, but it's just... beautiful.

    But OMV has its fly in the ointment - absolutely terrible and misleading warning box. When I first typed my password incorrectly and saw 'System Failure!" flashed red before my eyes I subconsciously expected the FBI to break my door and I got arrested.
    Regarding the 'misleading' part I can do nothing (or can?), but I can correct 'terrible'.

    Here is my fix:


  • My first PC was a Spectrum-compatible one. It was called 'Robik' and was produced by the factory in my hometown.
    My second was father's Robotron 1715. Very heavy and large beast with a 1mm-thick metal case. Green numeric-alphabetic display, two 5.25" FDDs, and keyboard you can withstand zombie-apocalypse with it.
    Third one was Robotron too, but IBM XT compatible. With a huge 20 Mb HDD drive!

    And very next PC I bought myself was Pentium 166 MMX.

    I never encountered Amiga in my life.
    Commodore 64, Atari, MSX, PCs from XT to Pentiums and Athlons. But never Amiga.

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