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  • Hey guys,

    enjoying a new install of OMV, specially the copying of TBs of data over to the drives :)

    ive gone through all the settings, twice and can't figure out why server is a presented as %SERVERNAME - SMB/CIFS
    it's not from smb.conf and it's not in the web interface

    how to get rid of the SMB/CIFS bit please

    another newb question, i do have Debian experience from way back Woody days, as far as apt goes can i treat this box as a standard Debian box for package management?
    it wont break the OMV install if i install a bunch of things?

    would it be better if i did a Debian install and install OMV on top?

    thank you for reading my post

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    A OMV box is Debian with some extra packages running OMV. So you can install other packages and use the server for other stuff as well. But don't assume that you can't break it...

    For instance OMV has a web GUI. That means that it is running a web server. If you try to install and run another web server in parallel, you are likely to break OMV.

    The answer is to use docker and containers. Then you can install almost any software and have it run in a container, separate from the main OMV installation. Almost as if it is running on a separate server. You can use this to, for instance, run other software that also have web GUI, but using some other web server software or some other versions of software from what OMV is using. In other words you can install and run software in docker that would break OMV if you tried to install it directly on OMV.

    However you can also add to and extend the functionality of OMV. For instance I have installed the autofs packages and use autofs to have my OMV servers automatically mount remote nfs shares. And these remote nfs shares are all configured and served by OMV on the other OMV servers. Work great.

    So you CAN use apt freely outside OMV. But it is possible, even easy, to break OMV by doing so, so be careful.

    Also you can add your own software and scripts to do stuff that you prefer to how OMV does it. I have added my own rsync snapshot backup scripts that does weird and wonderful things, almost but not quite like the rsnapshot backup plugin provided by OMV. And I use standard Linux crontab jobs to automatically start these scripts, not the scheduled jobs in OMV. The reason for this is that I started creating and using these scripts long before I started using OMV. I just "plugged them in" and they worked fine.

    But I use OMV for most other stuff. It makes it easy to manage drives and shares. Users and updates. Docker and containers. System and network settings. And so on and on.

    Make sure that you learn how to backup your root filesystem. Then you can try stuff and see if it breaks OMV. And if it does, you can just restore the backup and try something different.

    Be smart - be lazy. Clone your rootfs.
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  • Thanks!
    i agree with you, OMV makes a lot of things simple, i like the email reporting and the fact that it didnt take hours of configuration.
    definitely crontab, the scheduling in OMV looks a little. ummm. incomplete. tried scheduling sleep but then you have to do a separate schedule of each day of the week.
    not sure about backing up the root file system, maybe just configs, it's a 240GB SSD and if it falls over data should be plain ext4 to access with any distro? even OSX.
    it took like 4 minutes to install.
    maybe later when things get more 'configured'

    do you know anything about this SMB/CIFS suffix?
    my home network is kinda extensive and this looks like a lump of dry poo stuck to the leg :)

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