Help installing Pi-Hole & monolithic in OMV5 with portainer

  • Hello All,
    I am trying to get pi-hole and monolithic running in OMV5 with portainer, but having hard time configuring it.

    both are DNS catcher and rely on port 53. So i came across macvlan concept but all the guides i found were for OMV4 where docker plugin allows to create macvlan and create container.


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  • in my case dnscryptproxy for DoH running at (also macvlan) so you have to adjust this but the screenshots should give you an idea how to do set it up in protainer

  • But then again pihole will be using host os port 53. The how I supposed to have another docker image for host os port 53?

    also in the portainer-> create container->network i do not have option for selecting macvlan. How did you get that?

  • Before I did try the same macvlan doc you sent me. But can not able to access pihole admin interface. Here i have attached all the screenshots.

    OMV is running on port 80 and pihole need port 80 access, with below macvlan config it pihole is happy. From log i can see that it is not complaining about port 80. But again i can not ping macvlan ip which in my case

  • I spent a couple of days trying this on a Pi, when you select network just selecting the piholenet is sufficient you do not have to add an IPv4 address as you have used /32 within the macvlanconfig, that alone says it's a single IP address, also Enable manual container attachment was an option I did not enable.

    The workaround in some other threads is to ping your workstation/laptop from within the pihole container, you log file appears to complete, it doesn't hang and it doesn't go in a loop, and it hasn't stopped.

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  • Weird thing happened. I setup the pihole and did not had any connection to it, i let run for a while. Then i had access through my cellphone to admin panel. But then my PC over ethernet can not access that. Waited 2-3 hrs more and then my PC has a access to. Now everything seems like working.

  • I am using SBC (raspberry pi 4).
    Another thing I noticed, from pihole container ping gateway first and ping all other client IP address, then other client can access pihole web interface easily.

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