OMV with Agent DVR. Is it possible?

  • Hi All

    I have OMV in my house, not for a company. That PC is on 24/7 so I would like to use it like a DVR with Agent from iSpy.

    I installed Agent following this guide: iSpy agent for Linux but when i launch "dotnet Agent.dll", I have this output

    Do you have any idea?


  • try zone minder docker instead.

  • Sorry for the late reply. I've just setup Agent DVR on OMV 4.0 without issue. I used Technodadlife's zoneminder install video and modified the docker config to suit. To the OP, there's no need to run "dotnet Agent.dll" as this is for a non GUI installation. Once the docker was running I just

    accessed the GUI via 192.168.XXX.XXX:8090 and configured everything from there.

    I recently moved from Zoneminder to Agent DVR and find the latter a better product for my needs. Yes it costs US$7.99 a month for remote access but I have unlimited user access to my server and my family find it an easier user interface. No need for OpenVPN on mobile devices and

    no port forwarding required. Agent DVR is also less CPU hungry compared to ZM

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