Some questions regarding linuxserver/transmssion in particular (and maybe docker in general)

  • Hi,

    I've been using docker for a few weeks now, and it's mostly working fine, but some questions have come up.

    - When I configure the upload/dowload speed through the web UI, transmission seems to forget the settings after a while.

    - Some settings like the name of the "incomplete" directory can't be configured through the UI at all.

    I found the "settings.json" file in the "settings" directory, and I changed some of the keys, but after a restart of the container some of them were changed to their former settings.

    Is there a way I can prevent the settings from being changed? Will I have to manually edit this file every time I restart the container or update the image?

  • Stop the container before editing any config files. Make sure that when you edit a config file you aren't changing the proper ownership of the file when saving.

    When configuring directories within the user interface keep in mind that these are relative to the container path, not the host filesystem path.

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