Questions about /etc/fstab and partition naming scheme

  • Hello ,

    I am playing around with OMV (usul 5.4.2 and 5.5.9) and two odroid boxes. I've got a little odroid-hc1 and a less little odroid-hc2, both running a debian 10 with an odroidxu4 Linux kernel from armbian. I need to grasp a bit more what OMV does before I can entrust my little odroid boxes with the safekeeping of my dearest data (I am an OMV newbee).

    I am stumbling on the fstab lines entered by openmediavault.

    I've got the following questions:

    1. Why not using a UUID based naming scheme instead of the one based upon the serial number of the devices?
      In other words, why does omv-salt identify the devices using "/dev/disk/by-id/<device-id>-part<part-number>" instead of "/dev/disk/by-uuid/<uuid> or simply UUID=<uuid>?
    2. Why not using the partition UUID to name the filesystem mount points?
    3. If there is no reason for not using the UUID based naming scheme, how can I tune my openmediavault config to use it?
  • UUID mount naming and device mount was used at the beginning.

    Eventually(maybe in omv4?) changed due to users complaining not having friendly names , because of that they were unable to associate the physical disk/partition to the filesystem in an explorer or terminal.

    Now it mounts first option using the fs label and if not present using the device name(id) as seen by the kernel.

    This behavior is hard coded and cannot be changed using omv env variables.

  • Good to know the way OMV mounts its filesystems!
    I've put a fs label (simply # e2label <device> omv) and I've got an fstab entry with a mount point that I prefer.

    Many thanks for your explanations.

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