Replaced the original Drive server side mnt directorie empty on client

  • I am doing a new thread may will get some answers

    I upgraded a drive and try to access its content as I was doing before with smaller drive

    The issue I am having although on the server site everything is configured properly now on client site the mnt movies is EMPTY after doing

    umount -f /mnt/movies

    mount -t nfs /mnt/movies

    instead of

    mount -t nfs /mnt/movies

    Media2 is the old shared folder on the smaller drive Media2_bis is the new shared folder on the bigger drive

    What am I missing?


    checking it Is not mounted anyway

    even after inputing

    mount -t nfs /mnt/movies and getting no error!

    umount: /mnt/movies: not mounted.

    mount -t nfs /mnt/movies does nothing for whatever reason!




    for what ever reasons just playing with the 2 cmd above finally trigger it !

  • Nefertiti

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