Can't delete file. Can't find it in MC or Cloud Commander.

  • As part of my migration from OMV4 to OMV5, I'm installing dockers in the new machine via Portainer that were running as plain dockers in OMV4.

    I successfully installed the MakeMKV docker and successfully ripped a DVD (that I own). The MKV file was created in a folder called Output - which was a suggested folder in the instructions. I was then able to copy the MKV file to a \Media\Movies folder that Plex saw and was able to stream. So far, so good.

    Since I no longer needed the MKV file in the Output folder - I attempted to delete it. This is where the problem was. It wouldn't let me delete it. I can, however, create a text file right next to it - and delete it no problem. When trying to delete the file - it said I needed permission from the very identity I was in.

    I looked at the CIFS share and everything was set to public. So, from what I can tell, when MakeMKV created the file - it did so using some kind of admin rights that wouldn't let me delete the file.

    Ok - I figured I would try MC. I installed it - and couldn't find the folders in question. On OMV4, I would go down to /Sharedfolders and find these folders. On OMV5 - nothing. I can't even find a /Sharedfolders folder.

    So the problem is two-fold. One - why can't I delete the file from my Windows Machine when I can create and delete other files in the same place?

    And how do I get these folders to show up on OMV5 using MC or Cloud Commander the way I did on OMV4 almost 2 years ago. I must have forgot something.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

  • I think I understand that. What I'm noting is that in see OMV's structure in /mnt/fs in Putty - but not in CC. Perhaps I've deployed CC incorrectly - but it runs as far as I can tell.

    Not a deal breaker. I'll probably figure it out over time.

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