suggestions on creating folder structure on OMV5 NAS

  • Hi all,

    I am in the process of setting up my omv5 NAS where I have 4x HDDs in RAID 10 config as "datastorage" and a 250GB SSD as "activestorage" with the plan to store all important, large and somewhat less frequent files to be stored on HDDs and all the frequently accessed files such as db and application config files being used by services (plex etc) being stored on SSD.

    Just wanted to check with more experienced people in this form whether this is a good strategy or not and if there's any room for improvement here? My hope if to give HDDs a chance to spin down as much as possible to extend their life. I know similar questions have been asked in the forum a few times but I am just fishing for any idea out there which may not been discussed in the forum.


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