OMV 5 - FTP Starting and stopping in circles

  • Hello,

    I just had a look at my FTP logs and saw hundrets of messages that look like this

    Code - ProFTPD 1.3.6 (stable) built ... standalone mode Startup
    Starting ftp server: proftpd - ProFTPD killed (signal 15) - ProFTPD 1.3.6 standalone mode SHUTDOWN

    And then it begins again. All this within maybe 10-15 seconds.

    Am I missing something here? It looks like something is killing my FTP deamon but I have no clue what / why this might happen. Any idea where to look?


    Tobias Reich

  • Ah alright, to everyone who has the same issue.

    There seems to be a known bug - and a work around for now.

    I followed this suggestion here:…rotate-restart-error.html

    And it seems to work for now.


    In short:

    Edit the service file, to add a retry.

    Open: /etc/init.d/proftpd

    Find this line:

    start-stop-daemon --stop --signal $SIGNAL --quiet --pidfile "$PIDFILE"

    Change to this:

    start-stop-daemon --stop --signal $SIGNAL --retry 1 --quiet --pidfile "$PIDFILE"
  • Thanks TobiasReich been having the same issue for a little bit and kept meaning to ask on here.

    I have the line (111):

    start-stop-daemon --stop --signal $SIGNAL --quiet --pidfile "$PIDFILE" --retry $SIGNAL/30/KILL/60

    and the same one again on line 115

    Was this the same as yours?

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