OMV and LDAP/SAML users authentication

  • Hi,

    I rebuild my NAS OMV 5.x, and I try to optimize my setup.

    I would like to use same users accounts for OMV 5.x and third parts applications like NextCloud.

    OMV uses system's users accounts, but NextCloud cannot (no option found).

    I've been looking for OMV LDAP support, and I found openmediavault-ldap plugin but it supportes OMV 4.x or previous only.

    I read posts about LDAP support on Forum, and it's not seem to be a coming feature.

    I saw the LDAP/OMV5 project by Seb, but it was done seven months ago (OMV 5.5.9-1) and I'm not sure about future developments.

    Does someone use it?

    If yes, did you update OMV to 5.6.2-1?

    There are some dev about MS AD (JoinOMVDomain or OMV-AD), but all are old.

    About account authentication on OMV, do you know if a SAML plugin is planned?

    Do you have some tips or advices about best setup OMV and third parts applications, for users settings or other things?

    Thank you for your help :)


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