Error Messages during Bootup ... (ACPI Warning, ASPM disabling, regulatory.db, b43.probe)

  • Yet now the reboot is strange and it doesnt seem that this is how OMV normally restarts:

    I have following output during bootup:

    ~$ sudo dmesg | grep -i "error\|warn\|fail"

    [ 0.673331] acpi PNP0A08:00: _OSC failed (AE_ERROR); disabling ASPM

    [ 3.415246] ACPI Warning: SystemIO range 0x0000000000000428-0x000000000000042F conflicts with OpRegion 0x0000000000000400-0x000000000000047F (\PMIO) (20200925/utaddress-213)

    [ 3.415265] ACPI Warning: SystemIO range 0x0000000000000540-0x000000000000054F conflicts with OpRegion 0x0000000000000500-0x0000000000000563 (\GPIO) (20200925/utaddress-213)

    [ 3.415274] ACPI Warning: SystemIO range 0x0000000000000530-0x000000000000053F conflicts with OpRegion 0x0000000000000500-0x0000000000000563 (\GPIO) (20200925/utaddress-213)

    [ 3.415283] ACPI Warning: SystemIO range 0x0000000000000500-0x000000000000052F conflicts with OpRegion 0x0000000000000500-0x0000000000000563 (\GPIO) (20200925/utaddress-213)

    [ 11.128296] EXT4-fs (sdb1): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro

    [ 14.314718] platform regulatory.0: firmware: failed to load regulatory.db (-2)

    [ 14.314871] platform regulatory.0: Direct firmware load for regulatory.db failed with error -2

    [ 14.314876] cfg80211: failed to load regulatory.db

    [ 15.159646] b43: probe of bcma0:1 failed with error -524

    I unfortunately dont know how to fix them or why they are even there. Can someone point me into the right direction? Below are system informations

  • Code
    b43: probe of bcma0:1 failed with error -524

    As I recall, b43x is for Broadcom wireless devices (very old devices at that).. I'm assuming your board/machine has onboard wireless or you've added a wireless card at some point. If you're not trying to use the wireless, I'd ignore it. It's been years since I've seen that driver discussed. The essential issue back in the day, was the driver was closed source so Debian did not include it in the kernel (some other distros like Ubuntu, Mint, etc. did)... but the driver was fairly easy to compile and there were tons of instructions floating around. Google might help. Since drivers for new BC devices are open source, they are in the Kernel.

    I suspect the ACPI warnings are related.

    Is the machine working otherwise?

  • I didn't even realize the firmware was in the Debian repos now.. for years it wasn't (unless you had the non-free repo enabled, which OMV by default doesn't).

    You're very likely making a mountain out of a molehill on this. A quick Google search I found some old posts on Gentoo forums that offered possible fixes, but they are years old, and I'd be leery of trying any of them

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