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  • Container is working by design just checking your ip every 5 minutes

    There should be a way to adjust that.

    That's what I think also but probably only editing the DockerFile and rebuild the container (not really user-friendly)

    I've never heard of anyone updating duck DNS via cron

    Well, guilty, :D

    I started using it when I first set the DUCKDNS domain and never cared about a duckdns container on Docker.

    Instructions are on the page

    It says to set the crontab to every 5 minutes but I changed it the every 3 hours.

    Funny as it is, I personally don't need it since my ISP provides me with a STATIC IP but, in case it changes by any chance, I'm covered.

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    Yeah when I Google'd I saw that.. I just wasn't sure how the time worked out. I know rsync if you aren't careful you'll have a job running over and over 24/7

  • KM0201

    It seems that the container's last commit, changed the behaviour of cron (inside the container)

    update cron times, clean up scripts · linuxserver/docker-duckdns@4b1e602 (


    If you just want to stop seeing the constant IP update on the logs, add this environment to the DUCKDNS yml/stack:


    The stack will look like this:

  • Thank you I will do that when I get home.

    Its just weird how its random. Yes as you pointed out yesterday was every 5 minutes. The day before for it would be all over the map in terms of getting that message.

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