internal server error 500 after upgrade to

  • Hi guys,

    i ran into a issue after installing the latest upgrade to

    So i startet it from the GUI, then the errormessage below appeared.

    i tried it twice, after the first time also accepting pending config-changes (yellow line on top).

    After the second failure i klicked on the "turn-back" at the yellow line and did a restart of the server.

    Afterwards i checked and it runs on

    So can anybody tell me what went wrong and if i have to manually correct anything.

    I can send any logs you guys need, just tell me what to add here.

    thank you and cheers :)


  • gkhar2

    Added the Label resolved
  • gkhar2

    Added the Label OMV 6.x
  • gkhar2

    Added the Label Upgrade 5.x -> 6.x

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