omv login problem after update

  • Hi everybody, I have installed omv6 into msi e350ia amd mainboard with dual core processor with 4gb ram installed.

    I did a clean install to usb3 16 gig thumbdrive and I had a running omv6 then I installed omv-extra and flashdrive plugin. Until here everything works like a charm. But then I did the waiting updates (114 packages !) then whenever I reboot the system I got these errors while booting on the attached hdmi display.

    And I cannot login via web ui. Login page loads but it gives error 500.

    Also I had to tell this is same situation after second clean install and update. What might be wrong ?

  • Not sure if it's the same scenario, but I'm experiencing boot problems after today's update

  • Upgrading is always a scary step into darkness... I hope you have backups.
    It would be a good thing to let us also know your test machine (server/PC specs)

    There are, sometimes, many ways to do things/tasks, and experience with them will lead you to take the one you feel comfortable with.
    My test drives are on 2 machines both OMV with ZFS and with a 500gb laptop SYS BOOT HDD
    1. i7 920 with 12gb ram; 4x2tb sata WD purple
    2. ibm x3100 m4; 32gb ram; 4x6tb sas Seagate

  • @zarrath I think something strange is happening with your OS drive. Is it new? Did you try in different USB port? Looks like it is loosing connection?

    Remember to install flashmemory plugin after OMV installation . Without this flashdrives die fast when OMV uses them as root partition. I forgot once to install it once long time ago and SLC flashdrive died in a week or something like that...

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