Disk Failure Recovery On New Install

  • Hi good people in the openmediavault forum.

    I've been using OMV + SnapRAID for about 2 weeks with the following configuration:

    disk 1 - sda - parity

    disk 2 - sdb - content / data

    disk 3 - sdc - content / data

    disk 4 - sdd - content / data

    So far everything was good. FYI, I was not using mergerFS, just SnapRaid.

    Then I decided to try a PCIE-Sata card to increase the storage capacity. For some reason I can't log in to the web interface.

    So I decided to reinstall OMV. During this process I have unplugged all the hard disks from the drive bays.

    In a fresh installation of OMV, I couldn't find disk 3 in the disk list. I tried another bay, still no luck. I even used Ubuntu live, still the same result. I now assume the drive is dead.

    My question - is it possible to make a recovery using the existing disks (disk 1, 2, 4), in the fresh install? I synced all disks just before all this happened.

    p/s: Tonight I'm going to reinstall OMV without the PCIE card, see if that helps. But in the meantime, I wonder if recovery is possible.

  • Before any other action, I would make sure that there are no problems with your hardware. Some bad connection, a failed cable...

    All right. Tonight I will check all connections if they are in good condition. I will update later.

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